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connect to LG Smart TV services

If you've activated LG Smart TV, the next thing you'll want to
do is tap into the limitless entertainment and services we
have to offer. Some services require subscriptions, but many
are completely free. Have a look at what LG Smart TV has to
offer and we'll let you know what you need to do to get it.


This short video will explain how to access all of your favorite apps on your new LG TV. Watch Video.

Available Services


Instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix. Just connect your LG Smart TV device to your Netflix account to watch instantly. You decide what to watch and when to watch.

Netflix unlimited streaming membership required. More information at

Just sign into your account after selecting NETFLIX in your LG Smart TV Home Dashboard.

To access streaming movies from Netflix, unlimited membership is required and sold separately.

Go to to sign up and then get an activation code by selecting NETFLIX in your LG Smart TV Home Dashboard.


Enjoy LG apps designed for LG Smart TV. Want to check out someone's live broadcast? Check a horoscope? Or just play awesome games right on your TV? LG Smart TV has all kinds of apps, from education to news and entertainment.

Want LG Apps?
Simply select "LG Smart World" with your remote on the Smart TV Home Dashboard, and follow the setup instructions. After that, it's yours to use whenever you want. Visit the LG Apps TV page to explore your entertainment options.


With YouTube on your LG Smart TV, you can watch millions of YouTube videos on the biggest screen in your house, from comedy to gaming tips to today's viral trends. Search for any specific video or explore a category to find something new. Favorites, subscriptions, and playlists in your YouTube account are available right on your LG Smart TV.

Want YouTube?
If you've activated LG Smart TV and have an active Internet connection, you're ready to go. All Smart TV-capable LG home entertainment devices give users unlimited and direct access to millions of web videos on YouTube.


VUDU offers you on-demand access to the world's largest library of HD movies. With over 3,000 and counting, VUDU is also the only place to find HDX, the first on-demand format that delivers brilliant 1080p HD with rich Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound. New releases are available on VUDU the same day as DVD and months before subscription services. VUDU also offers you reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, movies details from Wikipedia and much more.

Want Vudu?
No subscription is required. All you need to do to access Vudu is register at Once that's complete, you simply pay for movies as you watch them.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus offers unlimited instant streaming of current hit shows, classic series, and acclaimed movies. Watch any current season episode of top shows like Modern Family, The Office, Gossip Girl, and many more, including popular Spanish and Korean-language shows. Catch up on classic series including Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Arrested Development or explore hundreds of critically acclaimed movies. Available on LG Smart TV devices in HD, with limited advertising, for a low monthly subscription rate.

Want Hulu Plus?
Simply visit and activate your subscription. In a few short minutes you'll be viewing your favorite seasons of your favorite primetime shows.


CinemaNow offers instant access to over 20,000 of the latest new release movies and TV shows, many in stunning HD with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound. Best of all, access your CinemaNow library on your Mac, PC and on CinemaNow apps for mobile, tablets, Blu-ray Players and HD TVs.

Want CinemaNow?
No subscription is required. All you need to do to access CinemaNow is register at Once that's complete, you simply pay for movies as you watch them.


This much-anticipated music app has finally arrived at Smart TV. Use Pandora to create custom radio stations based on your favorite songs and artists. It's the perfect way to discover new music or enjoy old favorites on your stunning HD screen.

Want Pandora?
No subscription is required. Simply create a free Pandora account or enter your existing Pandora login info.

To access streaming music from Pandora, select PANDORA in your LG Smart TV Home Dashboard to receive an activation code. Go to and enter the activation code when prompted.

Already have Pandora?
Just sign into your account after selecting PANDORA in your LG Smart TV Home Dashboard.