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Optimal Picture Quality for your LG TV

We'd love to deliver the best picture quality for everything you watch right out of the box, but different picture settings work better for different types of entertainment. Your best settings for a dark Hollywood horror flick probably aren't optimal for Sunday football. We know you bought your LG Smart TV with Google TV to get the perfect picture; the tips below can make that happen!

Finding the right Aspect Ratio
When should I adjust the Aspect Ratio?
How do I adjust the Aspect Ratio?


If you're wondering what the Aspect Ratio is, you're not alone.
To put it simply, older televisions used a boxy format (the 4:3
Aspect Ratio). Because of that, older programs were
formatted to fit that size, and current, non-HD programming
still does. Newer HD programming is best enjoyed in a
letterbox format that's more like what you see in the movies
(the 16:9 Aspect Ratio).
To avoid distortion, it is best to use the Aspect Ratio that
corresponds to the type of entertainment you are enjoying.

When should I adjust
the Aspect Ratio?

By default, your LG Google TV uses a 16:9 HD
aspect ratio. If broadcasts appear with black
columns to either side of the picture it is
likely a SD format and should be viewed in
the 4:3 Aspect Ratio for the best possible

How do I adjust the
Aspect Ratio?

Simple. Just select MENU and then PICTURE
on your remote. Then select ASPECT RATIO.
From here, just choose which one is ideal for
your entertainment and select ENTER.

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