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Use Voice Search to Find Content on Your TV and Web

Google Chrome—the powerful browser you use online—has been optimized for LG Smart TVs with Google TV, so that one search will find all the matching results in your TV schedule, web pages, YouTube, and more. And now you can search for all kinds of entertainment and content, quickly and easily, using Voice Search. It's a handy shortcut feature on your Magic Remote that lets you activate Universal Search just by speaking!



Follow these easy steps to get started.

  1. Press and hold the "VOICE" button.
  2. When the microphone image appears on the screen, speak your search request as clearly as possible into the remote.
  3. Keep it simple: "Open CNN" or "I'd like to see a Tom Cruise movie" or "Show me videos on kayaking."
  4. Voice Search is fast, responsive and effortless!


  • "Speak to Watch" is part of LG Google TV's voice-recognition capability and allows you to get directions, send messages, and perform other common tasks.
  • Examples:
    • "open" [app name] : Open the application;
    • "goto" [website] : Go to the website on Google chrome.
  • "Quick Discover" allows users to find related, interesting content anytime, without interrupting what's currently on their screen.


Occasionally, you may encounter content and apps that have been blocked, or are not optimized for Google TV. If you see this message on your screen, contact the service provider or app developer to inquire about availability.

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Search with Your QWERTY Keyboard

Don't want to talk? No problem. Just use your QWERTY keyboard to type what you're looking for; Universal Search will find it! The "SEARCH" key works no matter where you are on your LG Google TV, so you never have to leave the page you're on to start searching.


  1. Press the "SEARCH" key on your Magic Remote.
  2. Enter a search query to display a drop-down list of results.
  3. Navigate search results using the directional arrow keys.
  4. Press "ENTER" to select an option.

You can also enter a URL into Google TV search to navigate directly to a website.

Customized Search

It's easy to configure your LG Google TV search experience to include results from TV shows, Apps, Podcasts, and more.

  1. Press the "SEARCH" key
  2. Type "Settings" and select the "Settings" application.
  3. Select "SEARCH"
  4. Select "SEARCHABLE ITEMS" to customize what appears when you search.
  5. You can use SAFESEARCH to block adult content from appearing in search results. To do so, follow this path: Home > Settings > Privacy and Safety > Safe Search.

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