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Ensuring the Right Setup

If you need some answers to your setup questions, they should all be right here. We cover the HD receiver, hooking up to your wireless connection, getting your PC set up and finding the ideal placement of your TV.


Finding the right distance to sit from your tv 

Where you position your TV in relation to where you'll usually be sitting can make a big difference. Find the size of your screen below and we'll show you the ideal distance between the viewing area and the TV.

Finding the right distance to sit from your tv

Setting up your external hd devices 

Your LG TV is great for all sorts of entertainment—digital cable, video gaming, and a host of other devices. If you need help setting them up, the diagrams below should remove some of the guesswork.

  • To prevent equipment damage, never plug in any power cords until you have finished connecting all equipment.
  • Image shown may differ from your TV.
how to connect


  1. Connect the video outputs [1] (Y, PB, PR) of the digital set-top box to the COMPONENT IN VIDEO 1, 2, or 3* jacks on the TV. Match the jack colors (Y = green, PB = blue, and PR = red).
  2. Connect the audio output [2] of the digital set-top box to the COMPONENT IN AUDIO 1, 2, or 3* jacks on the TV.


  1. Turn on the digital set-top box. (Refer to the owner's manual for the digital set-top box operation.)
  2. Select the Component1, Component2, or Component3 input source on the TV using the INPUT button on the remote control.

* Component3: For LED LCD TV

Connecting your audio system 

You can connect your audio system to your TV using either analog or digital connections, depending on what output jacks your TV and audio system have. Follow these simple steps to get everything connected.

  1. Make sure your TV and audio system are turned off.
  2. Locate the audio output jack on your LG TV. Look for the optical digital audio output jack.
  3. Connect your cable to the optical audio in jack on your audio system.
  4. Once your TV and audio system are connected, make sure your audio receiver volume is on a low setting before your test the sound. Select the correct input on your audio receiver and gradually increase the volume.

Connecting your Blu-ray player

Depending on the type of connection you choose to use, there are a few ways to connect your Blu-ray player to your TV.

Get step-by-step instructions in our Blu-ray player owner's guide »

Connecting to your gaming system 

Most gaming systems can connect to your TV using a variety of cables. Determining which cables you should use depend on what cable jacks you have available on your television and your personal preference for how you wish to experience your gaming content. Here are some helpful links from a few manufacturers to help you get set up.


HDMI is a type of high-definition digital connection that can transmit both audio and video signals over the same cable. Your new LG TV comes with several HDMI ports and connecting to external devices is quite easy. Simply connect the one end of the HDMI cable to one of your TVs HDMI input ports and then connect the other end to your HD device's output ports.

Learn more about connecting with HDMI here.


Want to hook up your PC to your TV? It's easy. Your TV provides Plug & Play capabilities, meaning that your PC will adjust automatically to its settings. All that great content on your PC can now be on your TV. We recommend an HDMI connection for the best image quality.

VGA (D-Sub 15 Pin) Connection