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We think the best way to get the most out of your new LG TV is to get it set up for an optimal experience. This section should help you find the ideal TV setup and get familiar with all the functions of your remote. We hope you'll find everything you need.

Help With Your Remote
On-screen Setup Menus
Error codes

Help With Your Remote

Click the highlighted buttons on the remote to get familiar with each function.


AV Mode: Switch to Cinema/THX mode, Game mode, or Sport mode for ideal picture and sound settings.

List: Access the saved channels list.

Flashbk: Feeling indecisive? Use this to alternate between the last two channels selected.

Fav: Access your favorite channel list.




Info: Want to know what you're watching? This displays the channel information at the bottom of the screen.

Q Menu: In a hurry? This opens a list of Quick Menu options for your frequently used functions.

On-Screen setup Menus

Lets you set up Auto-Tuning, or manually tune and edit channels
on your own.
Everything you'll need to get your picture just right—or let Picture
Wizard do it for you.
Great entertainment needs great sound. Find the right audio settings
for your entertainment here.
Set up the clock, sleep timer, and custom on and off times right here.
Take control of who's watching TV, and what they're watching, with
these functions.
A lot of the basic setup functions you'll need, like language and
captions, can be accessed in this menu.

Error Codes

We hope you never see an error code, but
it does happen from time to time. If you
encountered one and would like to know what it
was in reference to, don't hesitate to contact us
if something is unclear or an issue persists.