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Adding Wash Options

As you're getting familiar with your front load washer, we can help you pick cycles and appropriate options to enhance performance and convenience, plus deliver welcome energy savings.

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Enhance Performance
Energy Savings

Enhance Performance

You can add the power of steam to a number of cycles. Enjoy the cleaning benefits of a super-hot wash, for extra cleaning performance. Simply use the STEAM button to add steam to the cycle.

The Highlights:
Adds steam to the cycle for extra cleaning power and efficiency.
It cannot be used with all cycles.
Use the STEAM button, Allergiene™, Sanitary, Bright Whites, Bulky/Large, Perm Press, Cotton/Normal, Heavy Duty and Towels.

Maybe you added too much detergent with a small load or the load is too heavily soiled. If that's the case, and you want to avoid having any residue on your clothing, this option will add an extra rinse to the selected cycle to make sure there's no trace of detergent or bleach on your clothes or in your washer.

A little more water can go a long way. This option adds extra water to the wash and rinse cycles for better results. When you have especially large or bulky items, or something heavily soiled, press the OPTION button and then press the COLDWASH button to select WATER PLUS. Easy. *Available only on model #'s WM2250 and WM2650

Energy Savings

Saving money is always a good thing, and it's even better when you don't need to compromise. ColdWash™ technology uses less warm water, along with innovative wash motions, to deliver warm-water performance and cold-water savings.

Our unique 6 Motion™ Wash Technology is what makes ColdWash™ so effective. Using six powerful but gentle wash techniques, you can customize your wash for different types of fabrics, and get a great clean without the harsh treatment that causes damage to clothes.

With 6 Motion™, you can wash in cold with confidence.

The Highlights:
Saves you more energy per load.
Uses less warm water–just enough to activate the detergent.
Uses innovative 6 Motion™ Technology–to clean your clothes in cold water with warm water performance.
For high wash efficiency, use it with loads under 8 pounds.


Need to put the baby to sleep? Or maybe it's you who needs some rest. It's fine either way. With the DELAY WASH button, you can delay the start of the wash cycle for up to 19 hours. Each press of the button increases the delay time by one hour.

With busy lives, it can be difficult sometimes to finish what we've started. So, if you know you won't be able to unload your clothes right after the cycle ends, using this option might be a good idea. It provides periodic tumbling (up to 8 hours) to help prevent wrinkles and reduce the need for ironing. And, when you're ready to unload, all you have to do is to press the START/PAUSE button.

The Highlights:
Use it when you're not able to unload your clothes soon after the wash cycle ends.
Provides periodic tumbling for up to 8 hours to help prevent wrinkles.

Kids can be a little unpredictable—and you don't want unpredictable things happening to your laundry. Press and hold the PREWASH button for 3 seconds to activate the child lock. The child lock indicator will be shown in the display to indicate that all buttons are disabled— with the exception of the ON/OFF button. It lasts after the end of the cycle, so press and hold the PREWASH button for 3 seconds again to deactivate the function.

The Highlights:
Prevents unwanted use of the washer and keeps cycle settings from being changed while the washer is operating.
To enable CHILD LOCK press and hold the PREWASH button for 3 seconds during the wash cycle. When the CHILD LOCK is enabled, a CL message and the remaining wash time are displayed, in turn, on the display panel of the washing machine.
To disable CHILD LOCK (when the CHILD LOCK is activated) press and hold the PREWASH button for 3 seconds during the wash cycle. Please note, CHILD LOCK lasts after the end of the cycle. If you want to deactivate this function, press and hold the PREWASH button for 3 seconds.