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LG Laser TV Firmware Update

Operation Home Video Last Updated 08/20/2014
LG Laser TV Firmware Update LG Laser TV Firmware Update

When a software update is required, run the software update to obtain the latest software version. You can manually check for and download any software updates.

Watch this quick video.

1. Press the HOME button on the remote control and select Settings > Support > Software Update then press ENTER or WHEEL.

Software Update

2. Your current version will be displayed, select Check Update Version to check if there is a later version available.

Software Update

  • Software Update -When an update file is found, it is downloaded automatically. When the update file is completely downloaded, a software update window appears.
  • Check Update Version - If an update file of a higher version exists after checking the latest update version, you can proceed with the update manually.

Note: Firmware updates will also update LG Smart TV and LG Apps at the same time.

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