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NeoChef - Not Heating Enough or Low Heating

Troubleshooting Cooking Appliances Last Updated 05/09/2018
NeoChef - Not Heating Enough or Low Heating


    Factors affecting microwave cooking times.

    The following factors are what causes NeoChef Microwave's cooking time. Check each one of them to see if it's the reason for your microwave's low heating or not heating enough.

  1. Density of foods.

    Light, porous food such as cakes and breads cook more quickly than heavy, dense foods such as roasts and casseroles.

  2. Moisture content of food.

    Since the heat generated from microwaves causes moisture to evaporate, relatively dry food such as roasts and some vegetables should either be sprinkled with water prior to cooking or covered to retain moisture.

  3. Quantity of food.

    The number of microwaves in your oven remains constant regardless of how much food is being cooked. Therefore, the more food you place in the oven, the longer the cooking time. Remember to decrease cooking times by at least one third when having a recipe.

  4. Temperature of food.

    If you cook immediately after a defrost cycle, the cooking time can be different depending on the thawing state.

  5. Sensor Cooking

    for LMC1575**, LMC2075** ONLY.

    If one of the sensor cooking buttons was pressed when the present oven temperature is greater than 200oF, the sensor cook will NOT run.

    The oven will automatically change to cook by time in order to cook your food. But once the oven is cool enough, the sensor cook feature will function run and function properly.

    • This microwave oven has sensor cooking features for convenient microwave cooking. It guides you, step by step, to reheat or cook popular food items automatically using preprogrammed settings.

      • The sensor system works by detecting the built up steam.

      • Make sure the door remains closed.

      • Opening the door or touching the STOP/CLEAR key before the steam is detected will stop the process and the oven.

      • Before using sensor cooking, make sure the exterior of the reheating container and the interior of the oven are dry, to assure the best results.

  6. Request a Repair.

    If you have tried everything on this troubleshooting guide and the problem still persists, the unit will require a repair service. Please visit our Request a Repair page. A technician will be assigned to check your problem for further troubleshoot and repair.

  7. Need more support?

    If you still have issues related to your unit, check our large community forum. LG Ask the Community is a platform where people using the same LG products discuss and resolve product issues.

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