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NeoChef - Arcing or Sparking

Troubleshooting Cooking Appliances Last Updated 05/09/2018
NeoChef - Arcing or Sparking

Arcing and sparking must be avoided. The following are the factors responsible for sparking in microwaves. Ensure to use the right cookware and clean the unit occasionally.

  1. Type of cookware

    Not all cookware and utensils should be used in microwaves. Some, especially metal, can cause sparking to occur in cavity. Do not use anything in the NeoChef that is NOT microwave safe.

    To avoid risk of personal injury or property damage, do not use stoneware, large sheets of aluminum foil, metal utensils or trimmed utensils in the oven.

    Cook Ware For microwave oven

    Ceramic china or Pottery


    Heat-resistant glass


    Heat-resistant plastic over 120oC


    Ordinary plastic

    Use with care (cooking shortly)

    Ordinary Glass

    Use with care (cooking shortly)

    Wood or paper

    Use with care (cooking shortly)


    Don't use

    Metal treamed utensils

    Don't use

    Wrap (vinyl)

    Use with care

    Vinyl pack

    Use with care

  2. Debris in the oven.

    When the oven is not cleaned regularly, food crumbs can cause sparking. Clean food spills immediately and keep the interior of the NeoChef clean.

    Some products such as whole eggs in shell, sealed containers and closed jars should not be heated in the microwave because they can explode.

    Clean all debris.

    Foods that can explode.

  3. Rusty or damaged unit.

    A rusty or damaged unit is dangerous. If the interior of your NeoChef shows signs of rust or scratches, sparking and arcing can occur. Discontinue the use of the unit and request for service or replacement immediately.

    Scratches on the microwave.

    Scratches on the NeoChef

  4. Operate empty unit.

    The microwave should NEVER be operated empty. There must be something inside the unit to absorb the microwaves or the cavity will be burned/scorched.

  5. Need more support?

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