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Powers On, Won't Run

Troubleshooting Laundry Accessories, Washer Dryer Combos, Washers Last Updated 05/10/2018


If your washer will power on but the cycle will not start, this could be an issue associated with a certain feature or the display. A few different things to check are:

Child Lock

Error Codes

Door Being Open or Blocked

Cycle Completion

Child Lock

If there is a “CL” in the display or a “CHILD LOCK” indicator lit, the cycle will not start. It is possible that this option was chosen to prevent tampering with a currently running wash cycle and must be deactivated. To deactivate Child Lock:


Press and hold either the ‘Pre-Wash’ or ‘Tub Clean’ button for 3 seconds.



Note: On some models, the ‘Option’ button is used to activate and deactivate this feature.



Error Codes

If there is an error code showing on the display of your washer, your unit will not run. Determine the error code showing, and troubleshoot the specific code.


Note: tCL (Tub Clean) or CL (Child Lock) are not error codes.



Door Being Open or Blocked

If the washer door is open, or something is blocking the door from properly closing, the cycle will not start.


Make certain that the door is shut completely.



Ensure that all clothing items are completely inside the drum and not resting across the rubber gasket preventing the door from closing.



Check the door gasket to make sure it is clean so that it will seal properly.



Cycle Completion

If the washer has too much water from the previous cycle, it will prevent a new cycle from starting. Too much water in the unit may be caused by inappropriate draining or spinning. Manually drain the unit, and try a new cycle. If the unit continues to have draining or spinning problems, troubleshoot for ‘Not Draining / Spinning”.


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