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LG Vacuum HEPA Filter

Installation Vacuum Cleaners Last Updated 08/20/2014
LG Vacuum HEPA Filter

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The vacuum's HEPA filter helps with the filtration of dust, pollens, and other allergens. For optimal performance, the HEPA filter should be cleaned approximately every 6 months, and replaced when necessary.

To remove the HEPA filter for cleaning or replacement:

1. Remove the exhaust filter cover.

2. Lift out the filter by pressing the hook.

3. Wash the HEPA filter under warm water, or replace with a new HEPA filter if necessary.

4. If the HEPA filter was washed under warm water instead of being replaced, allow the filter to dry completely away from sunlight before inserting it back into the vacuum.

5. Reinsert the dry or new HEPA filter and close the exhaust filter cover.

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