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Remote Control

Operation Air Conditioners Last Updated 08/20/2014



Window Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner

The remote will operate almost exactly as the control panel for the window AC unit. You’ll be able to perform the following actions with the included remote control:

1. Power – Toggle the unit on or off.

2. Mode – Each press will cycle through a different mode of operation (Cool, Fan, Heat, or Dry) depending on model.

3. Timer – Each press of the timer key will cycle through the hour delay you can set (1-12). An additional key press after 12 will cancel the timer.

4. Fan Speed – Allows you to cycle between Hi and Low settings.

5. Energy Saver – Activating this mode will cause the fan to stop running when the compressor does. The fan will turn back on every three minutes and check the room air to determine if active cooling needs to resume.

6. Room Temp Keys – Allows you to raise or lower the desired room temperature setting.

Portable Air Conditioner

The remote will operate almost exactly as the control panel of a portable AC unit. Auto Clean may only be able to be activated with the remote control (on some models). You’ll be able to perform the following functions with the included remote:

1. Power – Toggle the air conditioner on or off.

2. Auto Clean – The AUTO CLEAN function is used to remove moisture from the heat exchangers and help prevent odor from forming. This function can be activated from the remote only.

3. Fan Speed – Adjusts the circulation fan speed between low (F1), medium (F2), and high (F3).

4. Mode – Switches the air conditioner between Cool, Fan, Dry, and Energy Saver. The active mode will be shown in the LCD Display.

5. Up and Down Temp/Timer – Use these buttons to adjust the set temperature or the timer delay.

6. Timer – Allows you to set a delay from 1-24 hours.

7. °C / °F – Use this button to toggle the display readout between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

8. Auto Swing – Sets the motorized air discharge to oscillate, improving air circulation in the room. This function can only be activated and displayed from the remote control.

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