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LG TV - Energy Saving

Operation TVs Last Updated 08/20/2014
LG TV Energy Saving LG TV - Energy Saving

Besides the fact that most of our HD TV's adhere to the new Energy Star 3.0 guidelines, some of our HD TV models also offer smart energy-saving features that are built right in. You can access some of these energy-saving features by selecting the "Picture" menu from your TV's setup menu.

Intelligent Sensor Technology
This innovative technology automatically calibrates and optimizes brightness, contrast, white balance, and color, based on the ambient light in the room, which can help save energy.

Power Saving Modes
Choose from 6 different energy-saving modes* with backlight dimming: Max, Medium, Min, Off, Intelligent Sensor (auto), and Screen Off, so that the product uses no standby power while not in use. *Energy-saving modes may vary slightly by model.

Content Display Settings
You can save energy by choosing content-specific display settings, from vivid mode to screen off.
Energy Saving

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