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LG TV Shows Snow on Screen

Troubleshooting TVs Last Updated 08/20/2014
LG TV shows snow on screen LG TV Shows Snow on Screen

Snowy Screen

1. Do you use a high definition (HD ) cable / satellite box?

If an HD box is used, a snowy screen could signify the TV is set to the tuner input. Press the SMARTSmart button and select the Input Icon Input, to cycle through any available HDMI or Component inputs.

2. Is the snowy picture present on multiple channels?

Is a cable box in use?. If so, then try tuning to analog channel 3 or 4 on the TV.

3. If a cable box is not in use, or step 1 was unsuccessful you will need to perform a channel scan.
Channel Scan instructions.
  1. Press the SMARTSmart button on the TV Remote:  Access the Home/Smart Page on your LG TV.
  2. Select the Settings Settings Option, found on bottom row (usually 2nd from left icon).
  3. Select the Channel Channel Menu:  Select the Autotuning option and allow to run.
Note: For Cable/Sat box cases, the box must be powered on before the channel scan is run.

  • For cable box users or cable from wall - If a full channel scan was unable to resolve the issue,  determine if this is the only television in the home experiencing the issue.  If all televisions in the home have the issue, then you should contact your service provider.
  • For OTA (Over the Air) Antenna cases - If the TV was able to find one channel during the scan, then the TV's tuner is working.  In this case, you may need to reposition the antenna and scan again in order to receive as many channels as possible.

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