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Flash Player Information - Netcast / webOS

Troubleshooting TVs Last Updated 04/21/2018
Flash Player Information - webOS / Netcast

TVs that shipped with Flash Player cannot have the Flash Player Version updated.

Why? When you download Flash Player for your Web Browser of your Computer, there are different versions for each browser.

Due to the low demand for Flash Content on TV browsers, and the advent of HTML5 video (adopted by Android and iOS already), new versions of Flash Player are not being created for smart TVs.

That being said, webOS TVs are compatible with HTML5 video.

Many sites that use Flash content, also offer an alternative in HTML5 for mobile users, or desktop users that don't want to install Flash.

Your best bet, for full compatiblity, and the best viewing experience, is to use Apps created for your TV.

Most of the larger providers offer apps that come pre-installed as Premium Apps, and others can be found in the Content Store.

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