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[MC] Tablet interlocking - OTG function

Operation Cell Phones, Mobile Accessories, Smart Watches, Tablets Last Updated 09/19/2017

Tablet interlocking - OTG function

OTG function available when the Tablet and Plus pack are connected

Some of the USB devices supported through the USB port include a keyboard, mouse, game controller, digital camera, and storage device (including an Android smartphone acting as external storage device).  As most USB keyboards, mouse and game controllers are designed for desktop computers and operation systems, some devices may not function.

When a device is connected you will see an icon in the status bar for the respective connected device.

      Example: When connecting a mouse to the Plus pack interlocked with the tablet you will see an Icon in the status bar.


The USB connector supports a USB Hub to allow connection multiple OTG supported devices.  The plus pack supports up to 1.0A for connected devices.
When connected to an Android Device as a external storage device, use Downloads (Not File Manager) on the Tablet and select the device to see files and interact with the connected device.

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