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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/20/2018

The Display menu allows you to manage your phone's display settings.

To access the Display menu touch the App menu icon  > Settings  > Display

From this menu you can:

  • Brightness - Allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen. For best battery performance, use the dimmest comfortable brightness.
  • Auto-rotate screen - Checkmark to set the phone to automatically rotate the screen based on the phone orientation (portrait or landscape).
  • Screen timeout - Allows you to set the amount of time before the screen times out.
  • Wise screen - Checkmark to keep the screen on when the phone detects your face looking at the screen.
  • Font type - Allows you to set the type of font used for the phone and menus.
  • Font size - Allows you to set the size of the font displayed in the phone and menus.
  • Front key light - Allows you to set whether the front keys are illuminated and how long they will stay lit.

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