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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 08/31/2015

With VuTalk on Optimus F3, you can draw and share notes in real time between compatible devices. It is like an interactive postcard.

If this is your first time using VuTalk, you will have to register with the VuTalk server.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps  > Contacts

  2. Tap  , accept the terms of service, and tap OK.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps  > Contacts

  2. Tap  to display only VuTalk contacts.

  3. Tap a contact you want to connect with using VuTalk and tap  .

  4. Once the recipient accepts the request, you can draw or write on the display with your finger, and the same information will appear on the recipient's device.

  5. To share pictures and other media, tap  , select an option, and follow instructions to put the attachment on screen.

  6. Once the file is on the VuTalk screen, you can resize or rotate it. To transfer the file, tap the whiteboard portion of the screen.

  7. To add additional pages to your VuTalk collaboration, tap the triangle at the bottom of the screen.

  8. To change paper style and color, press the Menu key  and tap Paper style.

  9. Make your selections and tap OK.

  10. Tap  or the Back key  to end the VuTalk session.

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