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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 09/26/2015

Manage Home screen settings, Lock screen settings, Font display, Smart On and other features in the Display tab. To access display settings: from the Home Screen, tap Apps  > Settings  > Display tab

  1. Tap Home screen  to set the following:

    • Theme - Change between Basic and Marshmallow device themes.
    • Wallpaper - Allows you to set the wallpaper.
    • Screen swipe effect - Choose the desired type of effect to display when you swipe from one Home screen canvas to the next.
    • Allow Home screen looping - Checkmark  to loop back to the first screen when scrolling home screens.
    • Portrait view only - Checkmark   to prevent the home screen from displaying in landscape mode.
    • Home backup & restore - Tap to backup or restore app/widget layouts and themes to the home screen.

    Note: Copy the menu.db and workspace.db backup files to your PC or other media storage device prior to a factory reset. From the Home screen, tap Apps  > File Manager  > All files > Internal Storage  > Home  to find the files.

  2. Tap Lock screen  and select from the options available. These options will change based on the lock screen option set on the device.

  3. Tap Front Touch Buttons  to select the front touch button combination theme you would like to use.

  1. Under Brightness   adjust the screen brightness by using the slider  . Checkmark  Auto to set the brightness to automatically adjust based on lighting conditions.

    Note: You must uncheck Auto to manually change brightness settings for your device.

  2. Tap Screen timeout  to set the time delay before the screen automatically turns off.

  3. Tap Screen-off effect  to set the effect used when the screen turns off.

  4. Tap Auto-rotate screen  to set the phone to switch orientation automatically when you rotate the phone.

  5. Tap Daydream  then tap the switch  to turn it on. Select the screensaver to enable when the phone is sleeping while docked and/or charging. Tap the Gear icon  for additional settings if available. Tap Settings, select When to Daydream and tap OK. To start Daydream immediately, tap Start now.

  1. Tap Font type  to select the desired font type to display on your device.

  2. Tap Font size  to select the desired font size to display on your device.

  1. Checkmark  Smart screen  to keep screen on when the phone detects your face looking at the screen.

  2. Checkmark  Smart video  to pause videos, while playing automatically, when the phone detects you are not looking at the screen.

  1. Tap Notification LED  then the switch  to enable. Checkmark  the notifications to display on the front or back side LED.

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