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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 08/26/2015

Simply aim the camera of your smart phone at the foreign sentence you want to understand. You can get the real-time translation anywhere and anytime. You can buy additional dictionaries for offline translation from the Google Play Store.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps   > Quick Translator 

  2. Read the Data usage applies prompt and tap OK. If desired, follow the prompts to download a free dictionary and/or purchase one for more extensive search results.

  3. Tap  WordLine, or Block to configure Quick Translator to read only one word or several according to your needs.

  4. Tap   to set the home and destination languages for SCAN MODE and VOICE MODE, view and select your Downloaded dictionary, and checkmark   Auto speech to read out the translation result automatically.

  5. Using the onscreen focus/center brackets as a guide, hold your phone over the text you would like to translate. Once Quick Translator recognizes the word(s), it will translate according to your default dictionary.

Note: Only one dictionary is provided free of charge. Additional dictionaries must be purchased. Please select the dictionary you would like to install as your complimentary dictionary.

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