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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/19/2018

Customizable Home Touch Buttons allow you to change the theme, position, and functionality to meet your needs.

To access the Home Touch Buttons settings; from the Home screen, tap Apps apps icon > Settings settings icon > Display tab > Home touch buttons menu button . Select from the following to customize.

Button combination

Add and rearrange the Home touch buttons.

  1. Tap Button combination.

  2. Drag an icon to rearrange and combine Home touch buttons.

  3. You can add up to two additional icons for a total of 5. Choose from Notifications, QuickMemo+, QSlide, or Dual window.

Available Home Touch Buttons:

back button Back key returns to the previous screen. Also closes pop-up items such as menus and dialog boxes. Touch and hold to access Dual window.

home button Home key returns to the Home screen (or returns to your default Home screen canvas from any of the Home screen extension canvases). Touch and hold to access Google Now.

multi tasking button Recent Apps key allows you to quickly switch between a list of recently used applications. Tap to open a resizable grid. Tap any application to quickly switch to that app. Swipe an individual application left or right to clear it from the list or tap Clear all to remove them all. Tap Dual window to enable that mode. Additionally, touch and hold to display a menu in an app (if available) or on your Home screen.

notification button Notifications key allows you to quickly open and close the notification panel with a simple tap of the key.

quicknote button QuickMemo+ key allows you to create a new memo. While viewing the screen you want to capture and create a memo on, tap the key to take a screenshot and begin creating your memo. Learn more about using QuickMemo+ here.

minimize button QSlide key enables an overlay on your phone's display for easy multitasking. QSlide apps can be moved, resized, or made transparent. Learn more about QSlide here.

expand button Dual window key allows you to manage two different apps at the same time by splitting the screen in two. Tap to open dual window mode. Learn more about Dual Window here.


Change the background color of the buttons. Tap Color and select from the available options. Tap the option to apply change.

Transparent background

Use a transparent background for the Home touch buttons on the Home screen. To enable, checkmark checkmark box Transparent background.

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