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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 01/20/2018

Fingerprint ID provides another layer of security. In addition to securing your LG V10 and locking contents, it also allows you to make secure mobile payments using PayPal.

Note: Fingerprint ID is used simultaneously with Knock Code, PIN, Pattern, or Password.

Things to know for fingerprint registration

  • To use fingerprint, you first need to set security lock.

  • Ensure your finger is completely covering the fingerprint sensor.

  • Lightly tap the power/lock key to prevent inadvertently turning off display.

  • During registration continue to move finger slightly between presses for best registration.

  • Have various parts of the finger including front, end, and both sides, etc. recognized and registered.

  • Registering only one finger increases the fingerprint recognition ratio.

To setup Fingerprint ID

  1. From the home screen, tap Apps icon > Settings > General tab > Privacy > Security > Fingerprint.

    1. To register fingerprint, you need to first set security lock (knock code, etc.) to be used with fingerprint.
  2. Enter your lock screen protection to begin registering your first fingerprint.

  3. Lightly touch the power button multiple times to register your fingerprint. At ~80% recognition it will prompt you to scan your fingertip.

  4. When complete, screen will show 100%. Tap ADD MORE to register additional fingerprints or OK to exit.

Note: Up to 4 fingerprints can be registered.

  1. To unlock the screen with your fingerprint, place a checkmark next to Screen lock option.

  2. To used your fingerprint to unlock Content lock, place a checkmark next to Content lock option.

How to use Fingerprint

  1. With the display off, press the power button to turn on the main display. Hold your finger in place until the screen is unlocked (~2 seconds).

    1. You can unlock the lock with all registered fingerprints (maximum 4).

  2. Note: If fingerprint recognition fails 5 times when trying to unlock your LG V10, you will be required to unlock the device with the alternate lock screen method for security.

How to view locked content with Fingerprint

  1. Select Gallery or QuickMemo+ app menu > Show locked files.

  2. Place finger lightly on Power/lock key for ~2 seconds to open locked images or memos.

Note: Requires Content lock option to be check in the fingerprint settings menu. A Password or Pattern lock (separate from lock screen) must be used in order to set content lock. After setting up appropriate lock method you can use fingerprint to lock contents.

Things to know for proper fingerprint recognition

  1. Keep the fingerprint sensor clean. If there is a foreign object such as water or dust on the sensor, it may affect the performance.

  2. Dry skin or wound on the finger may affect the fingerprint recognition ratio.

  3. Ensure any third party protective cases do not block the sensor.

  4. To view the locked contents with fingerprint, you need to set contents lock option

  5. If fingerprint recognition issues persist remove and re-add the fingerprint.

Note: If fingerprint recognition fails 5 times when trying to unlock your LG V10, you will be required to unlock the device with the alternate lock screen method for security.

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