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Connecting Your Wired Speakers - Soundbar, Sound Plate, Home Theater

Installation Home Audio Last Updated 02/26/2018
Connecting Your Wired Speakers - Soundbar, Sound Plate, Home Theater

Installation is simple and speaker-wire management is reduced with color coded wires. If you're looking for help connecting your wired speakers, you've come to the right place.

Note: For help with wireless speakers, refer to Connecting Your Wireless Speakers.

Setting up your Home Theater speakers for the first time can be an easy task. Follow these instructions and you'll be experiencing theater quality sound before you know it!

Note: Speaker positions are from the vantage point of facing toward the TV.

  1. Connect the wires to the unit. Match each wire’s colored band (or marking) to the same colored (or marked) connection terminal on the rear of the unit.
    Color Speaker Position
    Grey Rear Rear Right
    Blue Rear Rear Left
    Green Center Center
    Orange Subwoofer Any Front Position
    Red Front Front Right
    White Front Front Left
    Wire-Tip Connectors

    Press each plastic finger pad to open the connection terminal. Insert the wire and release the finger pad.

    Note: Connect the black stripe of each wire to the terminals marked -(minus) and the other end to the terminals marked + (plus).

    Clip Connectors

    When connecting speaker cords to the player, insert the connector until it clicks.

  2. Connect the subwoofer cord to the player.

    When connecting the subwoofer cord, insert the connector until it clicks.

  3. Connect the speaker cords to the connectors on the speakers (if they aren't built-in).

Performing a sound test will play sound through each of your home theater system's speakers, and will not rely on an input signal. This is the best way to determine if any issues are originating with the speakers themselves, either connection related or hardware specific.

  1. First, press the Home/Smart button on your remote.
  2. Choose Settings near the right side of the screen.
  3. Choose the Audiostop menu.
  4. Select Speaker Setup from this menu.
  5. Choose Test to perform a speaker test.

Note: While in this menu you can set the distance from your central seating position to each of the speakers. This will ensure proper configuration and sound levels.

Before troubleshooting, it is best to perform a Sound Test to narrow the cause of any issues.

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