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Operation Cell Phones, Mobile Accessories, Smart Watches, Tablets Last Updated 10/28/2016

LG G5 Frequently Asked Questions and How To. Click one to expand the result.


  • If you prefer the traditional Android experience and wish to have your apps organized in an app drawer there are two options available to you.

    Add and app drawer from settings

    1. Press and hold an empty part of the Home screen to open Edit mode.

    2. Tap Home screen settings.

    3. Tap Home, then select EasyHome.

    Use a third party Home screen

    1. From your G5 or a computer, go to

    2. Click on Apps, then search for Home screen.

    3. Although LG cannot recommend an alternative Home screen there are many options available for free, read the reviews and find the best Home screen to fit your needs.

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