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Keyboard Shortcuts - Chromebase

Operation Desktop & All In One Computers, Monitors, TVs Last Updated 08/25/2015
Keyboard Shortcuts - Chromebase

Keyboard shortcuts can make navigating your Chromebase quicker and more efficient. Use some of these useful shortcuts to accomplish tasks without using the mouse.

Note: Press Ctrl + Alt + ? on your Chromebase to access an on-screen keyboard. Then hold down ctrl, alt, shift, search, or any combination thereof, to see corresponding keyboard shortcuts.

    1. To activate Caps Lock, press Alt + Search  together.

    2. To exit Caps Lock, either press Shift, or press Alt + Search together again.

    1. Press Ctrl +  .
    2. Screenshots can be found using the Files App, under the Downloads section.
  • Press Ctrl + + together.

  • Press Ctrl + - together.

  • Press Ctrl +  together.

  • Press Ctrl + a together.

  • Press Ctrl + c together.

  • Press Ctrl + x together.

  • Press Ctrl + v together.

  • Press Ctrl + z together.

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift +  together.

  • Press Alt + Shift + i together.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + L together.

  • Press Ctrl + J together.

  • Press Ctrl + P together.

  • Press Ctrl + R together.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + R together.

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