TV- Hulu- Activating Device


In order to use the HuluPlus application, you will first need to have an active account and subscription. Visit to access the HuluPlus icon on the top left of the page to create an account.

Access the Hulu application on the television

Press the Home button on the LG TV remote.

Access the Hulu icon from the Premium application list.

Once the application has loaded, you will be prompted to enter your membership status.

If you are note a HuluPlus subscriber already, you will need to access to create an account.

Logging in to the Hulu application

There are two ways to access your HuluPlus account from an LG Smart TV.

Logging in with an email address:

Click the sign in button at the top of the application screen.

Put the cursor in the blank email address field and insert the email address associated with the HuluPlus account.

Do the same with the password once the email address has been entered.

Using an activation code:

Visit to enter in the Device Activation Code that is displayed on the TVs screen.

Once the activation code has been entered, the television will automatically log into your HuluPlus account.