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Upright LG vacuum cleaner

Discover LG Vacuums

Explore the innovative design of LG Vacuums, and find the one that’s right for your home.



LG upright vacuums are redesigned for comfort and reengineered for performance. There is nothing old fashioned about an LG upright vacuum cleaner.  Learn More

Features on LG upright vacuum cleaners may include:

Click 'N Go™ Wand: The wand detaches from the base of your upright vacuum cleaner and provides up to 15 feet of additional.

Drive™ Steering System: LG upright vacuums with the Drive™ Steering System smoothly maneuver around any obstacle with the twist of a wrist.

DualForce+™ Two-Way Suction: An enhanced motor picks up dirt from both sides, in addition to the traditional center section. Upright vacuum cleaners with DualForce+™ capture more dirt and dust over a wider surface area.

HEPA Filter: Upright vacuums with a HEPA filter capture dust mites, pollen, and other common household allergens for a thorough cleaning.

Kompressor® Dust Compression System: LG upright vacuums use a unique wiper blade and bagless bin to store up to three times more dust.

Mattress Tool: Certified for the removal of allergens, the Mattress Tool on upright vacuum cleaners rapidly pulsates to create an intense vibration to release deeply embedded dust and allergens from mattresses and cushions.

RF Control™: Adjust the power and settings right from the Click 'N Go™ Wand of upright LG vacuum cleaners.

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