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  • CR5765GD

  • Metallic Gold

Key Features

  • SmartThinQ™ Technology
  • Cleaning Diary
  • HomeGuard™
  • HomeView™
  • Magnetic Wall
  • 7 Smart Cleaning Modes

The Smarter, Quietest Clean.

LG Hom-Bot is a truly intelligent robotic vacuum with Wi-Fi® capabilities, giving users total control using a smartphone. And while Hom-Bot’s cleaning technology makes people take notice, thanks to an innovative design that absorbs vibrations and reduces noise, it’s the quietest robot vacuum on the market on non-carpeted floors.*

Think she'll see your dirty floor? ThinQ Again.

Think she'll see your dirty floor? ThinQ Again.

LG Hom-Bot vacuums come equipped with SmartThinQ™ technology, so you can control them using an app on your smartphone, or using voice commands with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Now you can start and stop cleaning, check the status of a cleaning cycle and be ready for any last-minute guests with the push of a button.


A Clean Home You Can See

Unexpected guests on the way and you’re stuck at work? LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ with HomeView™ lets you view and clean your home from anywhere. Connected to your smartphone, Hom-Bot sends you real-time video of your home so you can clean the areas that need it the most before the doorbell ever rings.

Keep Calm and Vacuum On

Part housekeeper, part guard dog, LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ uses motion sensor technology to automatically detect movement within view, capture images and send them directly to your smartphone. Get a confident clean and deeper sense of security with HomeGuard™.

A Clean Report

The Cleaning Diary on the LG Hom-Bot Square Robotic Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Vacuum logs activity so it’s easy to find out which areas have and haven’t been cleaned in an instant.

Revolutionary Dual-Eye Movement

You use two eyes when you're cleaning, and so does Hom-Bot. With cameras mounted on the top and bottom, Hom-Bot maps the area around your home as it cleans to help ensure it doesn't miss a spot. The only thing you'll see is better, more efficient cleaning.

A Powerful Clean with Increased Durability

Backed by a 10-year warranty, the Smart Inverter Motor™ on LG Hom-Bot vacuums allows maximum suction, high efficiency and enhanced durability. While conventional motors use a carbon brush, which is prone to wear and tear, the Smart Inverter Motor operates on frictionless magnetic power for increased reliability.

Running time approx. 100min (based on general wooden floor)
Charging time 3hr
Cleaning Extent m2 (without recharging) 150m2
Upper Camera CV SLAM
Lower Camera OFS
Type Lithium
Capacity 14.4V / 2330mAh
Consumption Power 58W
Rating Electrocity 17.1V /1.7A/30W
Number of Cleaning Mode 7
Zigzag Yes
Cell by Cell Yes
Spot (Spiral) Yes
My Space Yes
Turbo Yes
Smart Turbo Yes
Repeat Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Remote Control Yes (Android/iOS App Only)
HomeGuard™ Yes
HomeView™ Yes
Cleaning Diary Yes
SmartDiagnosis™ Yes
Schedule Cleaning Yes
IEC (Normal) 60dB
IEC (Turbo) 68dB
System Robonavi11.0
Method Absolute / SLAM / Smart Resume
Localization Sensors Vision / Gyro / OFS
Learning Function Yes
Magnetic Wall Yes (accessory included)
Smart Resume Yes
Button Lock Yes
Corner (10cm*10cm) 94%
Pet Hair Pick up 94%
Edge (1m*1m) 93%
Hard Floor 93%
Carpet 35%
Big Dust 90%
Dust Bin Capacity 0.6L
OFS (Lower Camera) Yes
Gyro Yes
USS (Ultrasonic Sensor) 1T / 2R (2-Pair)
PSD (Position Senstive Detector) Qty 2
Cliff (Qty) 3
Accelometer Sensor Yes
Barrier Sensing Ability 10mm & up
Carpet (Cil) Overcome Height 1.5cm
Guide Yes
Speaking Sentence 106
Voice Guide Language English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish
Mute Yes
Remote Control Yes
Power Saving Function Yes
Display LED Module
Button Touch
Carpet Brush Yes
Mop 2
Mop Plate Yes
Filter Type Micro Filter
Micro Filter EPA11
Filter VEF-SP022R
Extra Filter Yes
Side Brush (Qty) 2
Extra Side Brush 2
Cleaning Brush Yes
Cleaning Tool Yes
Body (WxHxD) 13.39" x 3.5" x 13.39"
Packing (WxHxD) 17.44" x 6.42" x 21.45"
Net Weight (lbs) 6.6
Packing Weight (lbs) 12.3
Parts & Labor 1 Year
Filter (VEF-SP022R) 048231020473
UPC 048231024365

What People Are Saying

Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great. Best of all I have tried I have been using Robotic vaccuums daily for over 10 years, including various models of several brands. Overall the LG Hom-Bot is by far the best for my needs. It is normally used to clean 2400sq. ft, divided into 7 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 hallways, and a large carpeted walk in closet. Except for the closet the floors are hardwood and tile with area rugs in every room. I have been using Cell by cell mode since that does the most thorough cleaning job. In that mode it runs approximately 1.5 hour, recharges for 3 hour, then runs almost 1.5 hour to finish the job (6 hour total). In zig zag mode it covers the entire area in approximately 1.5 hour, without having to recharge. It cleans so well I might start using zig-zag mode to reduce the run time. PROS: Extremely quiet, does not interfere with conversation, music, or TV. Fast, with some other brands two robotic vaccuums were needed to cover the entire house in a single day. Almost always manages to cover the whole house without getting lost or stuck. Does not scuff table legs and wall molding like other robot vaccuums. CONS: The WIFI smart application is so slow and intermittant to be virtually worthless. The problem with the WIFI might be that I have dsl internet, which is somewhat slow. The Robot tends to push items such as light weight chairs and decorative tables around. I have had to apply non-slip pads and pressure sensitive adhesive to some items to keep them in place. Since it navigates by camera, it gets lost if it is run at night in the dark. Overall it is the best of any I have used.
Date published: 2017-09-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic Vacuum Well, first the funeral. I buried my Hoover vacuum today, one of several over the last 50 years. The LG CR5765GD HOM BOT has become my new vacuum of choice The Hom Bot arrived beautifully packed, with a full set of instructions. I will not list the complete menu of features the LG possesses. If I did, it would not leave space for my honest review drawn from my usage of the vacuum. After reviewing the instructions, and charging the batteries, I set the "beast" loose, As it was searching and learning my apartment, my cat attacked it twice. After calming her down(the cat), the LG continued it's tasks. The cat now sleeps between me, and the vacuum in the next room. I guess she thinks she is protecting me. After awhile, the LG sought out it's docking port to recharge. I then Installed the app and software on my tremendous LG G6 cell phone. This opened up all sorts of possibilities. What amazed me was the successful the way the vacuum cleaned around so many possible obstacles in my apartment. In addition, I have carpet, area rugs, and vinyl tile to clean. That's what the LG did quite successfully. As a partially disabled Vet, the Hoover was always difficult for me to use, even falling occasionally. No falls with the LG, except to love watching it flit around, cleaning so well. I haven't used many of the advanced features, since I am home so often. It has many remote features controlled by my LG Smartphone. The TV cameras keep guard, and I can even spy on my cat. The wifi features work very well, and are the mode for part of the communication. In summing up, I am very happy with my LG HOM BOT. I have many LG appliances in my home, including the cellphone, 3 TV's, and many other items. I have learned that LG always offers superior quality, value, and customer support
Date published: 2017-08-29
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Better than I thought I was very skeptical about the efficiency of this robot BUT I was proven wrong. I loved how the robot has a sweeping route already built in. You can also program it to sweep where you want it to go. Works excellently on flat rugs and hardwoods. I have some raised surfaces on rugs and the robot did not do as good a job on these.
Date published: 2017-07-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Exceeded Our Expectations I received the Hom-Bot from LG to review and give my honest opinion so here we go. To start with I was impressed by the simplicity of the product and also the quality as I unpacked it form the box. It was pretty straight forward in the instructions as to what was required for set up and operation. I set it up at the chosen home location and allowed it to charge the first time as I familiarized myself with it's options and operation. Once it was charged I wanted to set it up on my WiFi which was initially a challenge because of my security settings. I was able to make adjustments and finally get it connected. I then put it to work for the first run. I watched as the Hom-Bot assessed it's surroundings and made its first cleaning run. I was impressed as it negotiated the maze off furniture, throw rugs and various other items we have around of living area. I was truly amazed as it navigated around chairs and tables and under furniture to clean places I would not normally clean on a regular basis. I chose the the Zigzag cleaning mode after trying Cell by Cell ar it seemed to be more effective for my particular environment. The first time around it was pretty thorough and returned to the home station to recharge. I was totally amazed at what it managed to pick up and the dust container was full of cat hair. I was really impressed by the way it cleaned around or bird cage as the bird throws out more seed than he eats and again it cleaned that area very well without a hitch. Again it went places I would not normally clean more than once a month or better. I put it through it's paces several other times to get the whole area covered as we have a mix of hardwood floors, ceramic tile and carpeting. again after each run it would be full of cat hair, dust and debris. I will have to say it was pretty thorough. In subsequent runs there was less cat hair as an end result so in my opinion the was a big plus in controlling that we having it do regular scheduled cleaning which we have made a daily schedule for under the Schedule Cleaning mode. This brings me to my next point. The first time we had it do a scheduled cleaning we were not home and it appears that it ran for about and hour before it got trapped underneath and in between the chair legs legs in the dining area and could not extricate itself. It remained there until the battery had died and I had to go find it. It did have a difficult time in the dining area with the oblong table and 6 chairs. On the next run I watched it and have since restricted the access to that area by using the magnetic strips. On another cleaning run again it had wedge itself between the couch and an end table and again stayed until the battery died, (I have included a photo in my review). The cleaning diary is a fantastic tool that shows you a map of where it cleaned and was interesting to say the least to see all the places it actually has cleaned. To summarize I think it does a great job and I will use it for a daily cleaning run. I will not have it clean unattended unless my environment was less full of nooks and crannies it can become entrapped in. I would highly recommend this keeping up with cleaning the floors and carpets as we have animals that contribute to the mess daily. We have noticed that the floors have been much cleaner over the last week and is a great help to us with our busy life. It exceeded all of our expectations other than what was noted above. Great product with some minor limitations.
Date published: 2017-07-25
Rated 5 out of 5 by from HOM-BOT is a vacuuming lifesaver! LG sent me the HOM-BOT in exchange for my honest opinion and review. When I first saw and felt the box it was in, it was much larger than I expected. It's roughly 12 inches on each side, plus the home station. When I opened the box, there were some extra parts available (a filter, 2 side brushes, a pet brush, cleaning tools, a magnetic strip, and the mop plate attachment), which is always a huge plus to me. This unit also includes a remote. Before receiving the HOM-BOT, I had selected a space where I thought would be a good spot for the home station to go. That plan changed once I saw the vacuum. It needs 5 feet on each side and 6.5 feet in front of it, so it has a clear path to/from the home station. There are so many options on he HOM-BOT that it might take me a while to test all of them. I did notice that the "mop" setting is only for dry use. After its first full charge, I set it free in my bedroom so I could supervise while it vacuumed for me. I despise cleaning floors, so this may be the best invention I've come across. It has several patterns of how it can clean (zigzag, grid, etc.)...and it really cleans. I have a dog and every time I open the dust bin, I'm amazed at how much dirt and hair it has picked up. The instructions warn you, but you really do need to move all cords and small items out of the way or it will get hung up on them quickly. I ran it for a while (not a full cycle) during my lunch break today and was surprised at how much it picked up so quickly. I also love the fact that I don't have to let it run for a full cycle, but I can tell it to go "home" whenever I want it to stop. It's interesting to watch it search for home and then park itself on the home station to charge. I'm really looking forward to testing more options (like the mop, pet roller brush, and different cleaning patterns). So far, so good with the HOM-BOT and I would highly recommend. It cleans well (and quickly!), and I don't have to do it!! It's probably a little louder than I expected (I do have hardwood floors though, not carpet), but for me just having to push a button (or schedule a cleaning), it can be as loud as it wants!
Date published: 2017-07-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great machine I have had this for about a week, and wanted to test it before writing the review. So far, it has surpassed all my expectations. First, it arrives well packaged. Unpacking was a breeze. I simply read the quick setup instructions, set up the charging station as specified, and allowed the machine to charge for approximately two hours. In that time I read the instruction manual. I downloaded the LG Smart Think app from Google Play Store on my phone. This was also VERY easy. To create an account, all you do is enter your email address, then confirm it with an email they send you. You then log in and the app walks you through the steps of registering the Home Bot via your phone. It is effortless! It walks you through connecting to your home wifi, registers the device and sets up everything in about 3 minutes. It even auto-sets the time on the Home Bot. Could not be easier, and I was impressed with the ease of this. After the Home Bot was fully charged I used the remote control (included) to start cleaning for the first time. I selected the zig-zag cleaning option. It has to learn your area to be cleaned, so at first it is kind of slow and bumps into things. I found it best to pick up any runners I had down on hard surfaces. They tended to bunch up when the Home Boot worked over them. The repeat option allows the machine to run continuously until the battery is depleted and goes over the same area twice. I found I did not need this, as it cleans the area very well the first pass. I was amazed at the amount of dust it picked up the first time. It goes under furniture where I normally don't clean. (under my bed, for example.) I actually emptied the dust bin twice while it was cleaning the first run. It is able to go into every corner with ease. It also navigates VERY well around table legs, furniture, doors, etc. By the time I ran it a few times, it was avoiding those areas with ease and much faster. . It is surprisingly quiet while operating on hard floor surfaces. I have tile and hard wood, and can easily watch TV while the Home Bot operates. It automatically switches to turbo mode on carpets, and that increases the sound level noticeable. But that is still MUCH quieter than a normal vacuum cleaner. I would not set it to run while I am sleeping, as I think that would wake me in the night. I did give it a try when I was in my office at work. (my office is 10 miles from my house). I turned on the app on my cell phone, and it connected via my home wifi very quickly. I selected the clean mode, and the app also allows you to view the cameras from the Home Bot as it goes about it's work. The video stream is very clear. There is also an option to set the Home Bot in a designated area where it will take pics when it detects motion and send them to your cell phone. I have a small dog, so this got annoying anytime she walked into the Home Bot's view. But it is a very nice function to have in case you want to know if someone enters your home. It comes with a roll of magnetic strip to block it from entering area. This is enough to block two doorways. I used it to block the Home Bot from going on the tiled area in front of my fireplace where there are a few objects I don't want to risk damaging. It works very well, and you can purchase additional strips if needed. The included tape was adequate for my needs. The remote control that comes with the unit is also very useful. It allows you to manually drive the Home Bot to clean specific areas. This is handy when you don't want to use your smart phone to open the app. It can be useful for quick cleanups of a small area. Overall, this robot vacuum has really impressed me. I still use my hand held stick vac for small cleanups, but not nearly as much as I used to. This is my first robot vacuum, but a friend has another brand which has been out for some time. She commented that my Home Bot not only looks better, but has many more functions and appeared to do a better job than hers. I will do an update to this review if anything changes. But for now, I recommend the Home Bot as it is simply amazing for my needs.
Date published: 2017-07-23
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Do you shift this product in India?

Asked by: eliza5124
Hi Eliza5124. LG is not a direct reseller and all our products are sold through online sites and select LG Authorized Retailers. On its product information page at, there is a "Where to Buy" tab under the main image of the LG HOM-BOT SQUARE ROBOTIC SMART WI-FI ENABLED VACUUM, Model # CR765GD that you can click on if you have a U.S. zip code to find which stores carry the product. You will then need to contact them to inquire if they will ship to India. Their phone numbers and their email address will be listed on the page that shows which online sites and retailers are carrying the product...^IFV
Answered by: LGJoel
Date published: 2017-11-21

When will it be on stock?

Asked by: Chris1992

Does this product mop like the others? If so, is it just a dry mop? 

Asked by: stacyks

What's the suction power of this vacuum, expressed in Watts, as you have listed on the informational pages for your other vacuums?

Asked by: BeastlyBurden
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