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3.6 cu. ft. Extra Large Capacity Front Load Washer with ColdWash™ Technology


  • ColdWash™ Technology
  • 6Motion™ Technology
  • Direct Drive Motor 10 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • Extra large 3.6 cu.ft. capacity


WM2250CW 4.8 5 584 599
EVERY INCH-AN OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!!! LG you really hit the jackpot designing this washer. You have thought of everything-right down to the little melody at the end. It is user friendly & gives cleaning options every which way. Laundry is super-clean-using a lot less water and detergent. Never thought at 72 I would love to do laundry--but I confess I do. You have made me a very happy camper. No doubts-buy it & enjoy!! November 15, 2012
very nice, user friendly Purchased this washer about 6 moths ago and so far it has been great. it is quiet, fantastic on water use and does a great job cleaning even really dirty work rags that i use in garage. Only thing I would suggest is to buy the pedistal base, as cleaning the filter out is very hard if you don't have the base to lift the washer up. or Lg needs to move the filter up and make it easier to clean March 28, 2014
Good washer for the money I got a good deal on this washer and so far I don't have any complaints March 21, 2014
Good washer for affordable price We chose this LG washing machine based on purchaser/user reviews, consumer reporting agency reviews, energy-saving features, and price. There was a "last item, open box" sale on this particular machine that prompted our final decision to buy it. I had a 14-year old front-loading Maytag washer that I really liked, which needed repair and (at the proposed cost for those repairs) had to be replaced. The LG washer DOES wash clothes excellently in very little water. It spins water out much more than any top-loading washer (as my Maytag also did), although it has left loads of blue jeans a bit more heavily wet than I had expected. It has washed dirty work clothes very well, and handles large items like blankets and bedspreads just fine. Negative features or problems: The door does NOT open easily; it has a very stiff latching mechanism and I have to use both hands to pull it open, which can't be normal and is probably a manufacturing glitch on (hopefully) just a few machines. Doors on similar washers in the stores opened easily. You'd think this door was locked every time you try to open it. The digital cycles and controls are easily to use, as advertised, but there's no option to just "spin" a load, such as when the clothes are still heavy with water when a regular wash-&-spin cycle finishes (as several loads of blue jeans were). They needed another good spin -- but you can't do it, you have to totally wash, rinse and spin the load again. The LG washer is NOT available in your choice of door-opening hinge position, like my former Maytag was. So your laundry room must be designed to hold a washer with a left-hinged door. You can't even special-order one with a reversed/reversible hinge. I understand this as an economical manufacturing decision (making different hinge-position doors costs more, and what if you don't sell the "other" hinged door and are stuck with the inventory), but it does limit how a consumer can use the machine. The unchangeable left-hinged door puts my washer in a dead-end corner where my wonderful old Maytag happily worked (with a right-hinged door) for so many years. I loved having the door hinge on the RIGHT. Another "iffy" problem: We just can't get this machine leveled. My husband is a handyman fix-it kind of person, and he has tried leveling it for weeks -- to no avail. The machine still vibrates strongly and shakes the floor (and the floor in the next room) when it spins a heavy load. So I'm not storing any china or glassware in the laundry room cabinets. Overall for the price, especially since we got it on sale, I'd recommend this machine. But I wouldn't buy another one if I could have gotten a different manufacturer's model with the right-hand door-hinge that I wanted, or if I could have gotten another machine just like my old Maytag. This machine is good but I still miss my Maytag. March 16, 2014
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