A Winning Combination

4.7 cu. ft. Ultra Large Capacity High Efficiency Top Load Washer with WaveForce™


COLORGraphite Steel   White
  • 4.7 cu. ft. Ultra Large Capacity
  • ColdWash™ Technology
  • WaveForce™ Technology
  • SmartDiagnosis™


WT5170HW 4.7 5 307 315
Yes, this washer is THAT good! After researching different washers in January, we decided this machine was the one for us! We are extremely pleased with the cleaning as well as the capacity. I believe I have washed a dozen pairs of jeans and khaki pants in one washing! ( I can't wait to get the matching dryer!) our clothing is softer and dare I say fluffier!! Even the lint in the dryer lint screen is fluffy!! Several reviewers complained about the washer--out of balance or wrinkles. You MUST read the manual thoroughly before using!! Pretend there is an agitator in the center when loading. As you load the clothes, think of balancing the weight. Place heavier items of the load in the bottom. Fold pants and jeans and such to help prevent tangling. In three months, I have had only two loads go out of balance. It just takes a little time ... don't dump and run. Regarding the wrinkling issue some reviews complained about.... You do have the ability to alter the preset wash settings! For clothing I use a medium spin and when I move the items from washer to dryer, I give the item a shake before it goes in the dryer. Those two steps eliminate wrinkling! Yes, I highly recommend this washer! It can handle your laundry needs and treat your clothing with care. Read your manual and follow the instructions and you will be happy with your washer, too! April 12, 2014
So far so good I'm writing this because I agonized over buying this washing machine. I read every review and while most were positive, I had trouble with the few negative reviews that were extremely negative. I got the impression, you either love it or hate it. Areas of concern were: - Out of balance spin cycles - Water levels not correct - Clothes not cleaned. - Takes too long - No waterproof items I had it for two weeks now and nothing is out of balance so far. The water levels seem to work perfectly. My clothes are clean, but it does take a while. It's about an hour to an hour and a quarter per load. Since I knew it took extra time, there was no shock for me. I actually prefer the washer to take longer than the dryer. It means the clothes are already folded before I put in the next load. My guess is there are a few lemons out there, or people are just angry because that is who they are. I have not tried anything that is waterproof. If I do, I will turn off the spin cycle and let the dryer work a little more. I also noticed that many of the negative reviews were for different washers. Maybe angry users are just bashing all of the machines. I don't really know. I do know that this seems like a great washing machine so far. The washer holds a ton of laundry and is quiet. The only time I hear it is when the spin is starting up and slowing down. It makes a few minor noises as it sloshes the clothes around, but I only hear that if I'm in the same room. March 20, 2014
This product has everything you need. I love how easy it is to use. The features and settings are perfect for any use. It is a little louder than expected. It is on the more expensive side but it is worth every penny. April 13, 2014
Happy Customer!!! Purchased the Washer and Dryer together and have loved the decision since. It takes me nearly half the amount of time to do laundry and my clothes come out very clean. I was hesitant about having no agitator in the washer and realized shortly after my first wash that these were very efficient at getting the job done. I think he bad reviews on this page are silly most complaints that I have read looks like they did not read the directions on the correct settings for their loads. This washer spins fast enough to virtually dry the clothes so much that dryer times are half as long. Great product! April 2, 2014
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Just because a washer is tough on dirt and stains doesn't mean it needs to be tougher on your clothes. Our Wave™ Series washer is loaded with some hard-hitting innovations like WaveForce™ technology, which combines rapid drum movement with powerful water jets for great cleaning. It's also gentle on your utility bill with smart options like ColdWash™, which gives you warm water performance with cold water savings.

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