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Delicious Recipes
for You

With Innovative technologies,
LG Cooking Appliances Provide
You with Delicious & Healthy Menu
for your Family


You open your refrigerator more often than you think. Mostly for some snacks or beverages.
What if you kept them in a special space? LG introduces the world's first Door-in-Door™ design.
Organize and access your frequent in & out items in an easier and smarter way.

Discover Door-In-Door

LG Hygienic Washing Machine

At LG, we're constantly making things better.
That's why we've added a hygienic heater to help remove tough stains, bacteria & detergent residue. 60°C Tub Clean+40°C Warm Wash &
Stainless Steel Tub work together for a cleaner healthier wash.

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Home Appliances

Discover top freezer refrigerators that are sleek, stylish and functional. Designed with the latest technology, LG top freezer fridges will keep food fresh and your kitchen looking its best. Learn More

Explore the advanced features available on many LG top freezer fridges:

Fresh 0 Zone: This specialized zone has a front cover, which isolates the area and helps it maintain a lower consistent temperature that keeps food fresher longer.

Detachable Ice Maker: Select top freezer refrigerators have a detachable icemaker that provides you with more freezer space when you need it most.

LED Lighting: Many LG top freezer fridges feature Eco LED lighting, which is up to 12 times more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting.

BioShield™: With antimicrobial BioShield-treated door seals, our top freezer fridges are less susceptible to mould, which can distort the refrigerator’s seal and impact the appliance’s performance.

Vitamin Plus: To help prevent the oxidisation of fresh fruits and vegetables, many of our top freezer refrigerators come with the Vitamin Plus Kit, which supplies vitamins to fruits and vegetables – and helps extend their shelf-life by keeping them fresher longer.

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