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Delicious Recipes
for You

With Innovative technologies,
LG Cooking Appliances Provide
You with Delicious & Healthy Menu
for your Family



The combination of grill, oven, convection heat and microwave range not only provides you with 4-in-1 multi-function but also gives you maximum cooking space.


From sleek cookers and hoods, to stylish hobs with powerful features and functions, LG offers a wide range of built-in appliances designed to integrate seamlessly into your home. Learn More

LG built-in kitchen appliances are truly designed for the way you live. Whether your style is modern or traditional, our appliances’ innovative and intuitive resource-saving solutions are there to make life easier. Discover a range of built-in appliances, including:

Electric Cookers: With a built-in LG cooker, you can bake, braise or broil dishes with ease. Featuring intuitive controls and large cooking spaces, our stunning, state-of-the-art cookers make as easy to cook for a group as it is to cook for one.

Induction Hobs: Keep your kitchen sleek and functional with a built-in hob. Designed for powerful, safe cooking, these built-in kitchen appliances make sautéing, boiling and even indoor grilling a breeze.
Hoods: Keep your kitchen fresh, clean and stylish. Our powerful, yet quiet, cooker hoods offer the latest in ventilation technology.

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