A fridge as tough as nails

  • Updated
  • 07, 11 2012

Johannesburg, July 11, 2012 – When the dust and rubble settled around the ruins of the Buys household  after it was struck down by a tornado near Deneysville in Gauteng last month, only one item remained standing.

Scratched and dented and found lying on its side in a house with no walls, the faithful LG Side-by-Side refrigerator continued to hum cheerfully when plugged into a nearby power source.

Tertius Buys, the owner of the refrigerator, was so amazed by his fridge’s resilience, he wrote to LG to share his remarkable experience. His letter stated that as the roof of his house was ripped off, the fridge was picked up by the violent winds and thrown against a brick wall. After witnessing nature’s fury, Buys assumed that none of his home appliances would have survived such an ordeal. Imagine his surprise when he tested the refrigerator and although dented and scratched, found it to be in good working order. “Durability has taken on a new meaning for me. After this experience, I will only buy LG Home Appliances” Buys wrote.

Last month’s tornado in the Deneysville region, on the other hand, was not a laughing matter. Just 90kms from Joburg, the twister caused a great deal of damage to the area with one death, several people injured and many losing their homes.

South Africa has been hit with several tornadoes over the past year causing almost 100 casualties and resulting in around 1000 homes being destroyed.

Buys and the surrounding community have hard times ahead of them. The financial and emotional impact of such a devastating storm has scarred the both the landscape and its inhabitants.

For Buys, an apparent optimist, it is just one less item he has to replace.

In light of his plight and for sharing his story, LG Electronics South Africa has elected to donate a brand new 614L Stainless Steel Side-by-Side fridge (GC-P237ASNV) to the Buys family, as well as an 8kg Front Loader washing machine (F1281TDP).