Catch all the action with or without the vuvuzelas’ distraction with LG’s Clear Voice

  • Updated
  • 06, 22 2010

Johannesburg, June 22, 2010 – Thanks to LG, the detractors who criticise the noise of the vuvuzela, can virtually eliminate it while enhancing commentary with LG’s unique Clear Voice technology found on LG’s LCD, Plasma and 3D Full LED TVs. Those keen to embrace the passion and emotion that the vuvuzela has come to represent, can still immerse themselves in the action and sounds of the game as if they were pitch-side.  Clear Voice and LG’s innovative technology gives you the power to choose what suits your viewing situation best.   

Clear Voice technology is unique to LG and emphasises voice commentary while suppressing the often loud ambient sounds found at major sporting events. For an even more immersive experience, LG’s 3D Full LED TV is the first of its type placing the viewer at the centre of the action: horns, vuvuzelas and all.