LG Electronics Confident of Justice in SARS matter

  • Updated
  • 07, 08 2010

SOUTH AFRICA, Johannesburg, July 8 2010, LG Electronics South Africa is confident that claims made in recent media reports that it is guilty of tax evasion will be met with the same rulings delivered by the High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal - rulings that exonerated LG Electronics of any wrongdoing in respect of South African Tax Law.  

Commenting on a recent application to the Constitutional Court by the South African Revenue Service (SARS), LG Electronics CEO, Mr Peet van Rooyen says the matter at hand has had quite a lengthy history and it is not the first time that it has been before the Courts. “In 2007, an application was brought before the High Court to determine the appropriate tariff heading for certain screens which were imported by LG. On this occasion and again in front of the Supreme Court of Appeal, LG Electronics was exonerated with SARS being criticised of its approach towards this case.  It was with some surprise that LG was served with papers filed by SARS before the Constitutional Court where SARS, once again, seeks to appeal against the two clear and unambiguous decisions in favour of LG.”

LG recognises the importance of paying its taxes and emphasises that no fraud has been committed. The company has at all times adhered to the decisions of the Courts in this matter and is currently awaiting a refund of the monies from SARS on the basis of these court rulings, which is being withheld.

LG is confident of a favourable decision from the Constitutional Court.