LG Electronics Shares the Joy’s of the Festive Season

  • Updated
  • 12, 03 2008

Johannesburg, 3 December 2008, LG Electronics South Africa held an afternoon of festivities for the children of Lambano Sanctuary. Lambano is a home for babies that have contracted HIV.
The children were collected from their home in Wychwood and transported to LG’s offices in Boksburg on the 1st of December 2008 where they were treated to a Mac Donalds Happy Meal, sweets, chips and cold drinks.

A host of exciting activities entertained the children until Father Christmas arrived just after three. LG employees demonstrated their creative flair through bright designs face-painted onto the children’s excited little faces. Jumping castles, miniature basketball nets and other ball games kept everyone very busy.

Father Christmas arrived on a red fire-engine with lights blazing and siren blaring. High-pitched squeals could be heard escaping from the children’s mouths. This was just so exciting! The dedicated staff from Primrose fire department allowed the children to climb onto the fire engine and sound the siren, and then allowed some of the children to get dressed in their fireman uniforms. The expression on their faces was sheer delight.

LG employees had gone out and bought gifts to give the children and once the novelty of the fire-engine had dimmed slightly, the children were invited to follow Father Christmas to the Christmas tree where there gifts were on display.

Each child got the opportunity to sit on Father Christmas’ lap and receive their gift. “The employees at LG Electronics really have managed to capture the essence of Christmas this year,” says Marketing Director; Dr. Michelle Potgieter. “They have given generously of themselves even though times are financially challenging. We are proud that we are able to spread some festive cheer to those who really need it, and even if just for a little while, let these children experience that Life is Good.”