LG Electronics South Africa supports Earth Hour

  • Updated
  • 03, 26 2010

Johannesburg, 26 March 2010---LG Electronics South Africa will support Earth Hour by ensuring that all office building lights around the country will be turned off including the signage located on top of Thibault Square - a major landmark located in Cape Town.


The Earth Hour initiative, which will be celebrated worldwide on the 27th of March, forms part of LG Electronics ongoing commitment to help create environmental awareness through its eco-friendly technology and energy efficient products. “LG strives to innovate and help develop green products to enhance the convenience of their customers while protecting the global environment,” says Dr. Michelle Potgieter, Marketing Director for LG Electronics South Africa.


LG’s pledge comes after the launch of its own Green Campaign, an initiative centred around its “Life’s Good when it’s Green” program. The programme aims to instil environmentally sound practices across the entire product life cycle.

Based on this program, LG aims to reduce green house gases from manufacturing and product, by 150 000 and 30 000 tons, respectively, by 2020. Reduction of green house gases emitted during the product’s life cycle (raw material, distribution, product usage, disposal, etc) will also be carried out in stages.

“This commitment commences with the design of LG products that are the most eco-friendly and continues all the way through to production. This means that LG effectively eliminates the use of hazardous substances during every stage of the production process while ensuring that energy consumption and green processes are always adhered to,” concludes Potgieter.