LG Electronics warns consumers of hoax SMS

  • Updated
  • 06, 28 2010

Johannesburg, June 28, 2010 - LG Electronics S.A. (Pty) Ltd (LGESA) has urged consumers to take heed of a hoax SMS currently in circulation, which falsely claims that the recipient of the SMS has won a sum of money from LGESA. The communication appears to be official but it is in reality a scam.

“We urge consumers not to fall prey to this hoax and not to provide any personal or banking details in response to the SMS” says Dr Michelle Potgieter, Marketing and Communications Director for LG Electronics South Africa. “This communication is not generated by LGESA. It is a hoax and a scam intended to abuse the credibility of LGESA with the intention of fraudulently obtaining highly confidential information from the recipient of the communication,” explains Potgieter.

LGESA cautions all recipients against disclosing any personal and/or confidential information in response to such communication as LGESA will not be held liable for any resultant loss.