LG unveils 800W localised AV Receiver System

  • Updated
  • 10, 12 2010

South Africa, 12 October 2010 – LG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator in home entertainment is unveiling an AV Receiver system specifically designed to suit the technical and aesthetic requirements of the South African market. The ARX 8000 receiver has undergone an intensive technical and design process to ensure that components used are suitable to local requirements.

“After a lengthy analysis of the local market, LG developed an AV Receiver system that resonates with performances and addresses the needs local consumers seek in a home theatre purchase. The AV Receiver is ideally suited for the South African public and built according to its specific requirements,” says Dr. Michelle Potgieter, Corporate Marketing and Communications Director at LG Electronics.

The LG AV Receiver system features a stylish powerful design and boasts inclined 800 watt, 5.2 channel surround sound speakers. With the combination of the horn and tweeter the sound is directed more efficiently, creating a beam effect for superb sound quality. The front speakers generates 200 watts output, while the centre speaker has 100 watts output and the surround sound output another 200 watts. Together with the dual subwoofer with 300 watts output the total system packs a phenomenal 800 watts power blast.

The horn compression tweeter increases power output by 50% compared to a normal driver and the application Advanced Metallic Parabolic on the dual subwoofer, which has 3 ohm drives, maximizes the sound field, reduces sound interferences and ensures more intense bass output - resulting in a clearer and extreme listening experience. The inclined speakers also deliver clear and original sound with consistent timed delivery of low and high notes.

Connectivity on the ARX 8000 receiver is enhanced with digital ports such as; HDMI in an out for superior quality of digital picture and sound. It also features USB plug in play capabilities which allows users to create their own music libraries, play movies and music straight from a USB memory stick or external memory device. In addition, the AV Receiver system includes interfaces to connect an MP3 player, AUX ½, analog and digital audio in and out and composite out, among others, which results in a comprehensive connectivity interface.

There are six pre-set equaliser settings, including a localised Afro setting along with the standard Jazz, Pop, Classic, Rock and Auto DJ settings to assist users in easily getting the perfect settings for the music they are listening to.

Included in the file format support is MP3, WMA, JPEG and Progressive JPEG as well as DivX file playback.  

The ARX 8000 is available in two models, featuring either an HDMI DVD player or a Blu-ray player for HD movie playback.

The LG AV Receiver system will be available at most leading retail outlets the first week in October.

The recommended retail prices for the units are:
R5 999.99 (featuring an HDMI DVD player)
R6 999.99 (featuring a Blu-ray player)