The LG-KC550 is Ready to Capture the Action

  • Updated
  • 02, 04 2009

Johannesburg, South Africa, Feb. 4, 2009: LG Electronics (LG), a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, recently unveiled the LG-KC550, a handset with a five megapixel digital camera that is capable of professional quality photos.

The LG-KC550 is designed to easily capture fantastic moments that require a speedy reaction and its dedicated keys allow users to access the most frequently used camera functions with just one click. Low-light conditions are never a problem as the camera function keys are illuminated and the power LED flash is strong enough to brighten darkened subjects.

The five megapixel imaging sensor and the Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens of the LG-KC550 can produce ultra-fine enlargements in high resolution. The camera’s sensitivity can be set up to ISO 800 and the image stabilizer buffers unsteady hands for clear, crisp images.

The other pleasure of taking fine photographs is viewing the results. The spacious 2.4” wide LCD screen makes it easier to review photos and the Auto Image Rotation displays the photo vertically or horizontally for proper viewing on the screen.

With the 30fps video encoding/decoding at D1(720X480) resolution, users can also view DVD quality movies and downloads on the wide and vivid screen of the LG-KC550. For an even bigger picture, the Full TV-out function allows photos, games, documents, and videos to be viewed on the television screen.

The LG-KC550 has inherited many of the same features as the recently launched and globally popular LG Viewty which has sold 1.5 million units throughout the world since its release last fall in 2007. The LG Viewty was LG’s very first professional level five megapixel camera phone with fascinating look and high quality imaging functions.

“The LG-KC550 provides another option in the mobile phone market for consumers that want a professional quality camera in their handset,” said said Dr. Michelle Potgieter, Marketing Director, LG Electronics South Africa. “Our integration of professional quality digital cameras into our handsets reinforces LG as a leader in both technologies.”

To provide maximum entertainment for consumers and tech-savvy gamers, LG-KC550 also features motion controlled game called “M-toy” that has a gyroscope-like effect. By tilting or rotating the handset, the user can throw darts, hook a fish, or navigate a maze.

The LG KC550 is available through all major outlets and the RRP is R 2,999.00