OLED Tunnel, changing the way you experience
the beauty of the nature

Experience the marvelous, warm-heated, and magnificent nature’s wonder
at LG OLED tunnel. Feel like you are standing in the scenery!

Miss the beauty of a star-filled night not masked by city lights?

  • city lights
The night sky is filled with many colours and wonders,
but most people are not able to see it.
Because the night sky is polluted by artificial light.
But when you travel away from the city lights, you can gaze upon the marvelous wonders of the night.

Did you hear of the astonishing event in Reykjavík, Iceland,
when all the lights were turned off at night for Aurora Borealis?

  • aurora
For too long the City lights had overwhelmed natural wonders of the night sky. But one night, in 2006,
people turned off their lights. As darkness enveloped the City the most amazing sight appeared above.
The beautiful colours of the Northern Lights. The depth of darkness was key to the colours appearing so vivid.

This is identical to the principles of LG OLED TV

There’s no limit to what can be seen when colour is true life. What was previously unseen in the shadows is
now clearly visible. A perfect image from any angle provides a wider view of life.

OLED TV was released to great anticipation quickly gained a devoted following

The whole world is amazed by LG’s OLED technology,
which delivers perfect black and true-to-life colour
the ingredients for outstanding picture quality.

What an Adobe expert has said about OLED Black

  • OLED Black
“With HDR, for me it all comes down to the power of light and how to control it.
How black is the black and how pure is the white?
new content as it rolls out HDR is a good feature to talk about,
but should be lower down in the order of appearance.”
- David K Helmly / Adobe Systems, Inc / Sr. Manager World Wide Technical Field Team ProVideo

What NASA’s official partner said about LG OLED TV

  • NASA’s official partner
“LG’s OLED TVs, with their ability to deliver deep blacks,
showcase the recently announced NASA TV UHD channel in the best possible way,
taking consumers much closer to the real experience of being in space”
- Harmonic, NASA’s official partner for NASA TV UHD Channel

See how the experts view
LG OLED TV Technology

Hailed as “King of TV”, “Holy Grail of TV”, LG OLED TV breaks new ground.