Before the birth of the ultimate OLED TV,
how did Television evolve?

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The difference only OLED self-lighting technology can deliver

LCD/LED TVs create an image using a backlight and other devices.
Light shines through a filter to create different colours, but interference can cause distortion on the actual display.

However, the OLED TV creates a totally different experience.
Just like the firefly naturally emits light, the OLED TV utilizes organic compounds for its independently lighting pixels.
The OLED TV is the ultimate solution that eliminates the backlight,
creating perfect black and perfect colour with high contrast and no distortion.

Perfect Black brings out the marvelous wonders of Perfect Color,
presenting the inherent beauty and expressing in each scene to multiply the emotions.
LG OLED TV offers vivid colors over 1 billion generated by 10-bit panel.

Active HDR, infinite contrast created under perfect light control

Infinite contrast is also important in expressing HDR
(High-Dynamic-Range) contents,
and perfect control of the light is the key to infinite contrast.

The infinite contrast range of the OLED TV with Perfect Black is ideal for HDR contents.
As you can see in the image below, OLED TV’s infinite contrast is superior to LCD in representing the darker parts of an image.
OLED TVs can reproduce over 21 stops of brightness compared to just 14 for the best LCD TVs.

The wider Dynamic Range of the OLED TV makes it possible to see details that cannot be seen on an LCD TV,
and this ultimately makes a difference between HDR and Active HDR.

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The advanced technology of
OLED TV is a revolution in design

Aiming for excellence far greater than just a viewing experience.
Merged perfectly with the wall,
a window to another world. Immerse yourself in a picturesque reality.

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See how the experts view
LG OLED TV Technology

Hailed as “King of TV”, “Holy Grail of TV”,
LG OLED TV breaks new ground.

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