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Live A Healthy Life With LGs Innovative Door in Door Refrigerator

  • Updated
  • 07-16-2013

Refrigerators have changed over the last 50 years and so have the consumers who buy them. Previously, the main motivation behind buying a fridge was to keep as much of your food fresh for as long as possible.


But today consumers are more concerned about space, health standards, energy efficiency and whether their appliance is eco-friendly. As the needs of consumers have changed, manufacturers have had to adapt and come up with innovative ways of keeping food fresh while meeting these needs.

The fridge has become a reflection of society’s concerns of what they want and how they are shaping the technology which is being incorporated into new products. In the Middle East, consumers of today want the three main trends which have played a major role in refrigerator technology; energy efficiency, environmental considerations, food, safety and hygiene.

Consumers of today also place huge emphasis on health and what they eat. With the hot climate, they want to store as much food as possible in their appliance without having to make numerous trips to the supermarket. They want assurances that their food is healthy, fresh and free from harmful substances – the fridge has become an integral commodity and manufacturers have become responsible to make sure their products are up-to standards and meet the demands.


LG Electronics (LG) the world’s leading innovator in home appliances understands that in today’s fast and busy environment, consumers around the region are finding it more and more difficult to eat fresh, nutritious food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. LG has always believed that technology and innovation should be used to make life better. A refrigerator makes improvements to consumer’s everyday lives.

LG refrigerators help consumers re-invent their food lives. These fridges enable families to organize food in clever, flexible ways that help avoid lost food items and food wastage. They also ensure that items such as fruits and vegetables maximize their shelf lives, and they help family members maximize their intake of healthy, nutritious food. Unique storage bins and food preparation features help save even more time, and the whole package is backed by proven durability.

Most importantly, LG’s refrigerators allow people to focus more of their energy on achieving healthy lifestyles. Human bodies are designed to take in calories from food and then burn those calories through physical exertion. By improving opportunities to eat good food and creating more free time, these refrigerators give consumers a leg up on overcoming the pitfalls of our modern food environment.

With healthy eating on the agenda across households across the region, LG’s answer is better food organisation through their LG Door-in-Door refrigerator that allows access to popular chilled items without impacting the temperature in the main body of the fridge.

The, 36-inch, 30.5 cubic-feet Door-in-Door is intended to store frequently accessed food – drinks, milk, items close to their use-by date, or leftovers that need to be consumed within a short period, the outer door on LG’s three new ‘Door-in-Door’ models opens onto a cavity that, while cooled from the main fridge compartment, is sufficiently separate to keep warmer air from affecting chill levels inside the fridge. With more consistent temperatures, food stored within the main body of the fridge is less prone to being contaminated.

With food wastage at the top of LG’s list, the fridge helps trap condensed moisture from fruit and veg, and the bacteria it accumulates that fall back into the area. The fridge also accommodates various temperature zones for various goods, such as meat and veg.

LG has incorporated its Fresh Air Filter system with the highly effective Multi Air flow design. Vents are strategically placed around the interior of the fridge, so food stays fresh wherever it’s located, and odors are whisked away even when food is dumped in the back corners. All of this means that food stays fresh longer, and busy consumers can spend less time at the supermarket buying fresh food.

Keeping food dependably fresh is a cooperation of LG’s latest refrigerators. The refrigerator’s Smart Cooling Plus System uses our efficient Linear Compressor, backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on parts. While other refrigerators try to moderate temperature and humidity levels, LG refrigerators do it more efficiently, thanks to the Linear Compressor.

A conventional compressor has four friction points; LG’s Linear Compressor only has one. Because compressors typically consume about 90 percent of a refrigerator’s energy usage, this makes LG’s refrigerators big energy savers. In fact, LG’s fridges have received Energy Star® qualifications and are at least 20 percent more energy efficient than U.S. government standards.