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Is the front temperature display window button not working? (Refrigerator)

  • Dispenser Issues
  • Controls Don't Work
  • Troubleshooting
  • Built in Appliances, Refrigerators
  • Last Updated 02/19/2015
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1-1. If the lock display is set as locked on the front display window, 1-2. the buttons will not work. 2-1. When you press the lock/unlock button for 2 seconds or longer 2-2. to change to the unlocked state, the buttons will work. 3-1. When you touch the buttons, 3-2. softly touch the center inside the edges with the finger to operate. 4-1. If there is a foreign object in the button touch part, or if you are wearing gloves, 4-2. the button may not work even if it is in the unlocked state, 4-3. so make sure to touch the button with the finger.

Is the front temperature display window button not working? (Refrigerator)

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