• Energy Efficient

    - Efficient measurement of energy usage
    - Efficient ventilation and cooling

  • Comfortable Environment

     - Fresh air with ventilation and cooling 
    - Cooling with wide coverage

  • Effective Management

     - Offers both individual and central control

  • See examples of LG solutions for various types of shopping centres

  • SM Mall

    SM Mall

    The largest shopping mall chain in the Philippines. / Chiller, FCU

  • Kalina Mall

    Kalina Mall

    Large shopping center in eastern Russia. / Chiller, Multi V, AHU

  • Pick n Pay

    Pick n Pay

    A large-scale shopping center in Johannesburg. / Chiller, Multi V, AHU

  • Cresta Shopping Centre

    Cresta Shopping Centre

    The aspirational shopping center in South Africa. / Multi V, AHU