LG Electronics provides exceptional visual experiences for passengers while enhancing management effectiveness. LG’s exclusive Digital Signage is your optimal solution for the highest picture quality and flexible format. We work to exceed your expectations.

Displays Deliver Big Benefits For Transportation Ports

  • Inform, Direct, and Entertain Travellers

    From parking lot management, wayfinding, and providing schedules to ticket counters and lounge areas, LG has the right displays, including Outdoor Signage, Ultra-Stretch, and Direct View LED displays that can inform and entertain travellers as they wait to depart on their journey. Large Format Displays can broadcast news, sports, popular TV programs, or other compelling content in boarding areas. LG’s webOS™ makes it easy to control and schedule content.

  • Bring Enhanced Capability to Command and Control Centres

    Airport command centres monitor various visual data for security, people and ground traffic flow, and weather. Advanced Video Walls can display multiple sources, including real-time video, graphics, and data feeds, helping personnel to make essential and sometimes mission-critical decisions.

  • Using Displays as Art

    Turn everyday transportation into exciting journeys by creating breathtaking interiors that blend harmoniously into existing environments and serve as an architectural focal point to immerse busy travelers. Passengers will take notice of aesthetically pleasing Curved Indoor Direct View LED and Transparent OLED displays that can enhance and warm interiors by providing dynamic images and details that harmonise with live backgrounds along the way.

Case Studies

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