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  • Updated
  • 15/08/2012

The research is one of the first to investigate Australians fridge habits and behaviours and has been released in conjunction with the launch of LG’s new Door-in-Door™ French-door refrigerator.

According to the survey of 1,250 Australians1:

  • We end up binning over 19 million items a week due to our jumbled fridges, that’s the equivalent to an item for every resident in New York (Metropolitan area)
  • Almost half of Aussies (45%) wish their fridge was better organised, and half admit they find it difficult to locate what they need when it needs a tidy
  • 2 in 5 (38%) claim they often forget about items stored at the back
  • A quarter (23%) mistakenly double buy items because they’ve forgotten what is in their fridge
  • 58% say their refrigerator door is opened on average around 30 times a day trying to find items

To revolutionise food organisation and overhaul Australia’s bad fridge habits, LG Electronics has released its innovative Door-in-Door™ refrigerator. With its dual access door system it provides quick and easy access so Aussies can conveniently find and retrieve items without having to search the refrigerator. In addition to the quick and easy access to frequently sought-after food items, the Door-In-Door minimises temperature loss for a more consistent fridge temperature.

Fiona Irving, Corporate Marketing Manager, LG Australia: “As our lives get busier we have less time to dedicate to mundane jobs like organising our fridges, and no-one would blame us. However it is costing us time and money in the long run. LG is focused on providing innovations that make people’s lives easier, and, as our research shows, we feel consumers will embrace this new refrigerator, which offers a convenient solution for our unruly fridge habits.

“Door-in-Door™ is ideal for busy families, large households, and regular entertainers who want to optimise their fridge space. The specially designed unique panel makes it easy to place your most popular chilled items in the front door and store larger and less used items in a second fridge compartment at the back. There’s nothing else like it on the market.”

LG’s Fridge Habits Report highlights:

  • Half of Aussies throw food out at least once a week because they have forgotten about it, binning on average 1-3 items a week
  • Despite loving to entertain, Australians are not fulfilling their full cooking potential as only 1 in 25 can confidently claim to know what items are in their fridge and,
  • 1 in 5 concede that their fridge is regularly overstocked

Fridge disorganisation is also limiting our food choices, with almost 3 in 10 confessing to often eating the first thing they see rather than what they want to eat. Males are lazier than females when it comes to rummaging through the shelf to find they really desire, and no surprises that this is a trend most seen amongst the younger generation.

Design, style and convenience are at the heart of this unique new Door-In-Door technology.  Ideal for busy families, large households and regular entertainers, the elegant new model allows consumers to place their most popular chilled items in the front door and store larger and less used items in a second fridge compartment at the back. 

LG has developed a range of tips on hints on how to organise their fridges to save them time and money.

“A well organised fridge means you won’t have to worry about food getting spoilt and food getting pushed to the back so you forget about it. If your fridge is properly organised it will ensure that you always know what you need to replace or buy more of. Organising your fridge will not take too much time and is easy to maintain. Just follow these five simple tips.”

  1. If you like to entertain you will love the Door-In-Door panel. It is perfect to house your frequently accessed beverages including soft drinks, cans and bottles and easily accessible by your guests.
  2. Designate area’s in your fridge and group all like items together, such as,  condiments, dairy, meat, vegetables, etc
  3. Your fridge will stay organised if you remember to always return items to their ‘home’
  4. Use the middle shelves to your larger containers of food and open platters.
  5. The Door-In-Door panel is great for keep regularly accessed snacks that the kids can grab, butter, spreads, cartons of milk and cordial.
  6. If you have leftovers, pack them in plastic containers and keep them towards the front of the fridge so that you can see and reach them with ease

The new LG Door-in-Door refrigerator range will launch between September and November 2012.  The hero GR-D907SL 907Ltr French Door Fridge will have a SRP of $4,599.

The launch will be supported by an exciting national multi-channel communication campaign featuring LG’s brand ambassador Georgie Parker.