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  • Updated
  • 09/10/2014

SYDNEY, 9 October 2014 — LG Electronics Australia (LG) today announced a first for the Australian market– the consumer electronics giant has combined 4K Ultra HD TV with the brilliance of OLED technology. The result is one of the most breathtaking TV experiences you will experience.


Presented in a svelte, curved design, the new models are being launched in Australia, one of only a handful of countries globally that LG will release the product to this year. The 65” EC970T (RRP $9,999), which is available in November at selected outlets, and the 77” EG970T (RRP $22,999), which will be available at selected outlets before the end of the year, are set to ignite the Australian TV landscape.

 77EG97T             65EC970T

77EG97T                                                                 65EC970T

Why is combining 4K Ultra HD and OLED such a big deal?

At a whopping four-times the definition of Full HD (in technical terms, 4K Ultra HD TV is 3840 x 2160*), LG’s 4K Ultra HD TV alone delivers amazing clarity to TV screens. This we know. But then there’s LG’s patented 4 colour (WRGB) pixel organic light-emitting diode technology (aka OLED), a panel technology that provides vibrant colour and brilliant whites with infinite contrast.


So the question was, how do you possibly make these two super-powered visual giants any better? Obviously, put them together. There are only two TV’s in the market that deliver the 4C’s of OLED technology along with 4K Ultra HD definition, and it’s these beauties.


LG 4K ULTRA HD TV – Key Features

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LG OLED TV - Key Features

  • > Ultra HD resolution(3840x2160)
  • > 4 times the definition of Full HD
  • > LG Smart TV with webOS
  • > Miracast
  • > USB Video Playback
  • > Ultra Surround Sound
  • > 4 Colour Pixel (WRGB)
  • > Infinite Contrast
  • > Pixel Response time: 0.002ms
  • > Triple XD Engine
  • > Enhanced Motion Clarity
  • > Ultra Thin Panel


Remember the 4 C’s of OLED

Contrast - With an infinite contrast ratio, you’ll see deeper blacks and detail in movies that LED/LCD TV’s just can’t deliver. This is where OLED technology really stands apart.

Clarity - The pixel response time is only 0.002ms, delivering fast moving scenes with minimal blur.

Colour - Our innovative ‘white’ sub pixel creates a patented 4 colour pixel range that produces vibrant colour and brilliant whites. It’s incredible for sport.

Curved Screen – Last but not least is the Curved Screen, which is great for immersive viewing.


Can you really see the difference?

Believe the hype, people: we’re talking about a game-changing home entertainment experience and a truly exquisite piece of viewing technology. In cross-pollinating the eye-boggling clarity of 4K ULTRA HD with the infinite contrast ratio and dazzling colour of OLED, LG really have combined the best of both worlds to produce an outstanding visual experience.

With these models, LG has taken over 8 million sub-pixels, which produce incredibly life-like colours and amazing contrast, and made the immersive nature of your favourite movies, shows and video games even more gratifying. Thanks to the self-illuminating nature of OLED pixels, the LG 4K ULTRA HD OLED TV generates rich, natural hues and true blacks.

At the end of the day, we can describe LG’s 4K ULTRA HD OLED TV screen until the cows come home, but to really grasp the difference it makes, you need to see it to believe it. Suffice to say, flick one of these beauties on and prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor.



What LG has to say

4K ULTRA HD has been an amazing development, but we are seeing something far more special here.” said Lambro Skropidis, General Manager Marketing at LG Australia. “By combining 4K ULTRA HD with OLED, LG really is offering some of the most advanced TV technology in the world to Australian audiences. We are confident that the sheer visual experience it offers will become the new benchmark for TV buffs, sports fans and movie-lovers alike. We also anticipate real appreciation amongst home designers and those that want their TV to be a piece of art – after all, this product is about stunning picture quality as well as the aesthetic lines of its construction.”

“If you ask me about 4K ULTRA HD TV, I’ll tell you it is amazing,” continued Skropidis. “But combined with OLED, I’ll tell you it’s a game-changer. OLED really is the future of television and home entertainment… and the future is here, right now.”


What’s up with the curved shape?

LG’s Curved OLED TVs have always has stunning design at heart - the new LG 4K ULTRA HD OLED TV is no exception with its crafted sculpture-like appearance making it an item to be openly admired in the home. Supported by tastefully designed metallic stands, the slender, curved screen of the new models is both cinematic and stylish.


It looks amazing, but how does it sound?

LG’s ULTRA SURROUND sound system supplies an audio performance that lives up to the TV’s picture quality. ULTRA SURROUND creates a rich, detailed environment that gives a more heightened sense of immersion for the viewer. After all, there’s no point in something looking amazing if the sound does not match!


LG’S 4K ULTRA HD OLED TV: the kudos keeps on coming

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a global trade convention that showcases the best in the business, LG’s 4K ULTRA HD OLED TV was crowned as a “Best of Innovations” award winner, along with its easy-to-use webOS Smart TV platform**. The acclaimed interface has also recently been recognised by the prestigious European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) for its exceptionally intuitive user experience.


*Ultra HD broadcasting not available in Australia. 4K Ultra HD content is available from other sources.

** Internet connection required. Internet usage charges and conditions apply. Contents and features will vary from time to time without notice. WebOS internet browser supports HTML5.


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65EC970T 01
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65EC970T 09   
65EC970T 10
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65EC970T 17
65EC970T 18
77EG970T 01
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77EG970T 03
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77EG970T 05
77EG970T 06
77EG970T 07
77EG970T 08
77EG970T 09
77EG970T 10
77EG970T 11


65EC970T 01 EC9700-1.jpg
65EC970T 02 EC9700-2.jpg
65EC970T 03 EC9700-3.jpg
65EC970T 04 EC9700-4.jpg
65EC970T 05 EC9700-5.jpg
65EC970T 06 EC9700-6.jpg
65EC970T 07 EC9700-7.jpg
65EC970T 08 EC9700-8.jpg
65EC970T 09 EC9700-9.jpg
65EC970T 10 EC9700-10.jpg
65EC970T 11 EC9700-11.jpg
65EC970T 12 EC9700-12.jpg
65EC970T 13 EC9700-13.jpg
65EC970T 14 EC9700-14.jpg
65EC970T 15 EC9700-15.jpg
65EC970T 16 EC9700-16.jpg
65EC970T 17 EC9700-17.jpg
65EC970T 18 EC9700-18.jpg
77EG970T 01 77EG970T-1.jpg
77EG970T 02 77EG970T-2.jpg
77EG970T 03 77EG970T-3.jpg
77EG970T 04 77EG970T-4.jpg
77EG970T 05 77EG970T-5.jpg
77EG970T 06 77EG970T-6.jpg
77EG970T 07 77EG970T-7.jpg
77EG970T 08 LG 77 4K OLED TV 01.jpg
77EG970T 09 LG 77 4K OLED TV 02.jpg
77EG970T 10 LG 77 4K OLED TV 03.jpg
77EG970T 11 _0000_Product Image(9)_77EG9700-2.jpg