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  • Updated
  • 06/11/2014

SYDNEY, 6 November, 2014 - A door within a door? It might sound a little metaphysical, but there’s nothing confusing about LG Electronics Australia’s (LG) introduction of two new Door-in-Door™ refrigerator models to the Australian market – they really are still delivering the “freshest thinking in refrigeration”. At the core of LG’s latest Door-in-Door models isn’t just the promise of better functionality and organisation, it’s also about maximising the freshness of your fruit and vegetable storage – and, for true foodies and home chefs, these are the types of things that really matter.


Matt Moran“Happily, we’re starting to see more and more Australians prioritise shopping for fresh, local produce.” said Lambro Skropidis, General Manager Marketing at LG Australia. 

“Our ongoing work with celebrity chef Matt Moran has made us ever more aware that this is not only an excellent trend for the hfealth of Australians in general, but also a great way to directly support our primary producers. This is why LG’s new door-in-door refrigerators are designed for Aussies who prefer to buy fresh and direct. They offer a range of features to not only help keep good produce longer, but also cater to the organisational needs of food-lovers and home-cooking aficionados – after all, sometimes a tidy, well-compartmentalised refrigerator can make all the difference in creating those great meals a lot easier.” Skropidis continued.

More Aussies prefer fresh food, direct from the farm 

A Colmar Brunton research poll in January and February, 2014, revealed that 17 percent of Aussie respondents used farmers markets or direct farmer supply as their primary source of vegetables*. Anecdotally, on a weekend stroll, you’ve probably seen hundreds of people gather at your local farmers market. Whether they’re shopping for a bunch of perfect bananas, a bouquet of lush kale or farm-fresh eggs, Aussies who shop at farmers markets perceive products to be fresher and of higher quality, and they also believe their purchases support producers and their communities*. The good news is LG’s newest Door-in-Door models’ have smart organisation and a moisture balance crisper that caters to discerning produce shoppers.


door in door 2

So why is the “Door-in-Door” design so much better?

Simply put, this means energy savings and fresher food. LG’s Door-in-Door design helps to reduce temperature fluctuations that occur whenever the refrigerator door is opened. Moreover, using the Door-in-Door feature helps to reduce cool air loss by up to 41per cent (for model GR-D907SL) compared to opening one normal door **.


There’s also an added element of convenience – the Door-in-Door design makes it easier to reach frequently sought-after food and beverage items. With a quick push of a button, a unique panel is revealed, so foodies can access the foods they use most. Do you like using your fresh fruit and vegetables in an Italian-inspired theme? Tuck away some fresh basil or oregano inside the panel for easy access to sprinkle on your next meal. More of an Asian cuisine buff? Use the Door-in-Door to store fish sauce or wrappers for your dumplings. No matter your palate, it simply makes sense as it allows you to quickly find the ingredients you need.



Two-door freezer design

LG designs its refrigerators to meet consumer preferences. According to LG qualitative consumer research, the majority of respondents preferred the two door design over a one-deep drawer design***.

The convenience of easily locating your items isn’t limited to the top half of the refrigerator. With the two-door freezer layout, no longer is the freezer a black hole of ice, but instead a foodie oasis, where you can organise your frozen goods and home cooked leftovers however you would like, such as by type or date.


Customising your refrigerator space

LG’s Door-In-Door refrigerator models also boast customisable internal storage. Back from the markets with bags full of beetroot, tall bunches of celery, herb-crusted chèvre and free-range chicken, and need to reconfigure the space a little? LG’s new refrigerators have got you covered. Enjoy the flexibility of the retractable shelf to fit taller items such as fresh farm milk or fruit juice. If you’re a chef who likes to fill your refrigerator to the brim, no worries! The French Door also includes an in-door ice maker that frees up internal space and allows consumers clear access to three full width shelves , which is another great bonus for the proud home entertainer.


What is the difference between the two new models?

GF-5D712SL, RRP $4,849 ****: Offering a 712L capacity with counter-depth design, this model includes an ice-maker and water dispenser for the drinks connoisseur who loves their refrigerator on-hand for a cool drink as things start to heat up in the kitchen.

GF-5D906SL Door-in-Door model, RRP $5,499*****: Boasting a gut-busting capacity of 906L, LG’s newest flagship also includes an ice-maker and water dispenser.

LG will launch two more Door-in-Door models in 2015 featuring the anticipated Custom Chill™ Drawer. For more information on LG's full line-up of Door-in-Door refrigerators, please visit



**Design Test Models: GR-D907SL (FD), GR-D257SL (SxS). Based on Intertek testing according to internal test methods measuring percentage reduction in the exchange rate of air when opening the Door-in-Door compared to the refrigerator door for 10 seconds. Results may vary by models and duration of door opening.

*** LG Qualitative research, March 2013, TNS (15 of 18 respondents preferred the two-door freezer design over a single drawer freezer)

**** Launched in July 2014 with limited distribution, national distribution from September 2014

***** To launch in November 2014


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