1. Windows 10 upgrade available on this product is a promotional event provided by Microsoft. For details, contact Microsoft.

2. Windows 10 upgrade, downgrade to the previous operating system and related services from LG Electronics Service Center are included in the paid service.


  LG Electronics is not responsible for any usage or compatibility problems regarding Windows 10

  driver and software it provides for the convenience of users.

  Windows 10 upgrade may not be supported when an operating system other than the one

  provided with the purchase of LG Electronics PC is installed.

3. Windows 10 upgrade is performed in the following process.


  Windows 8 users must update to Windows 8.1 before proceeding with Windows 10 upgrade.

  Windows 10 upgrade may take an hour or more depending on the product.

4. Be sure to check Action Items Before/After Upgrade prior to proceeding with Windows 10 upgrade.

Action Items Before/After Upgrade

Be sure to check the following items to safely upgrade to Windows 10.


  Back up important user data before starting Windows 10 upgrade through an external device

  (USB memory, USB HDD, CD/DVD, etc.).

  Do not forcibly shut down or turn off the power while Windows 10 upgrade is in progress.

  Be sure that the AC adapter, if included with the product, is connected when proceeding with

  Windows 10 upgrade.

  LG Electronics does not guarantee any data loss and any other problems arising from

  non-compliance with the aforementioned matters.

Windows 8.1 User


  If you want to restore the system to Windows 8.1, select from Windows 10 [Start] menu > [Settings]

  > [Upgrade & Security] > [Go back to Windows 8.1].

  You have 28 days after installing Windows 10 to restore the system to Windows 8.1. After this time,

  you cannot use this feature.

  If you need to restore the system to Windows 8.1 after 28 days, use the [F11] key to restore.

  System restored by using the [F11] key is reset to its initial pre-purchase state where all data is lost.

  Refer to [Restoring the System] in [LG Easy Guide] for system restoration using the [F11] key.

  After upgrading to Windows 10, the Charms menu key is disabled in models with Windows 8.1

  function keys.

1. The following must be complete before proceeding with Windows 10 upgrade.

Category App/Driver
(Windows 10 not supported)
LG DnA Center
LG Easy Starter
LG Care Center
LG Network Share, Client
LG Update Center
LG Recovery Center
LG Smart Share
LG Easy Guide
LG TroubleShooting
Update after user registration Anti-Virus Software
(McAfee, Norton)

*Installed software/driver may differ depending on the model.

2. Proceed with the following directions after upgrading to Windows 10.

Category App/Driver
Update to Windows 10 version Cyberlink Youcam
Power DVD
Reinstall with Windows 10 version LG On Screen Display > Reinstall the latest OSD version
SRS > Reinstall the latest DTS version

*Installed software/driver may differ depending on the model.

3. Complete Windows 10 update and visit LG Electronics website ( to download and install the driver for Windows 10.


  A driver whose version is lower than Windows 10 update version does not need to be installed


  *Intel Bluetooth driver must be reinstalled after completing Windows 10 upgrade.